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Thread: Any 1st time Mum's 40+age, Share your stories : )

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    Smile Any 1st time Mum's 40+age, Share your stories : )

    Hi lovely Mums or Mum's-To-Be !!!
    I gave birth to my precious daughter at the ripe "young" age of 40 ( well, 40yrs and 3 and half mths to be almost exact).
    Took me a long 36yrs to find my lovely parnter (we won't mention the countless relationships and dates in between that I had to endure to finally meet him, .. Yep, the moment I wasn't looking - there he was. Funny my older sister told it would happen that way, LOL).
    Anyway, my daughter took an emotional 2 and half years to finally conceive (naturally I might add with a 8mth help with magical herbal formula from The Ruth Sharkey's Healing Centre in QLD. Gee, they put my cycle on track which it hadn't been for a decade. Now that's a miracle within itself !!)
    So, the question I'm wanting to ask is - Are there any first time Mum's 40yrs and over out there who would like to share their stories. Whether it be how they came about conceiving, to their pregnancy or/and labor experience and more importanly how they are now experiencing motherhood at a mature age and what they feel enriches being a first time Mother at an older age. And if you feel any negatives in society being an older Mum whether you look younger than your years or not.
    If anyone has any questions they would get back to ask me - I'm more then happy to answer and help if I can. Though I'm no expert, but I've got a ton of funny spins on things ... Which no one warned me about : )
    Hope to hear from you !!
    All the best to all Mothers out there whatever your age ... As our job is so similar ... And how wonderful it is !!!!

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    Default First time 40+ Mum

    Wow, your story sounds VERY familiar to me! I was married to my career for almost 20 years until finally finding Mr Right at 37! I turned 40 on 4 Jan08. I've had 2 miscarriages in last 12 months, however, we are now pregnant for 3rd time - almost 8 weeks, so fingers crossed (first scan tomorrow). We don't seem to have had any trouble conceiving naturally, however, obviously the age/quality of my eggs has been an issue. People have always been shocked to hear how old I am (a welcome compliment!), however, it wasn't until my OB kept emphasising my age factor which has given me a huge reality check. Furthemore, I have only recently began to consider how people will perceive me with a young child once the ageing process kicks in (which I'm sure it will once we have a child!). Anyway, it's early days for us, but I would welcome discussion in the future!

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    Hi ladies I became a first time mum at 41. My DD is 17 months old and just awesome. I have had no comments on my age other than the extra test that I had during my pregnancy.I love being a mum and don't think my age makes a differnece to that. The only issue I have is that I would love to have had more. But unfortunately time is not on my side. It would be great to have some older mum's to chat to.

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