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Thread: Can I whine?? Share your war stories.

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    Default Can I whine?? Share your war stories.

    Gosh this prego is TOUGH!! I mean the baby has got to be easy in comparison to this!
    I have had unexpained spotting since Oct!! On and off, then in jan a sprained ankle, a degenerating fibroid, a urinary tract infection, a yeast infection, and now a darn stubborn cold that is in my head and chest!!

    i am becoming that person at work that is always late, leaving early, sick, missing my oncall day, and the one people have to cover for! i got 4 more weeks before my mat leave starts and 9.5 weeks til i am due.

    let's hope it goes fast.

    also i am trying to get everything done at work before i leave and before i get put on bedrest. i was off for a few weeks with the ankle and fibroid and went for over 3 weeks no spotting!! then back to work and 4 minor episodes with no other symptons in 2 weeks! i phoned dr each time but i know we will be discussing further reducing my activity when i see him on wednesday.

    now i mean all this little aggravations add up to one grumpy prego girl. Anyone else want to whine and make me feel better that nothing worse has happend??

    also the baby likes to settle at night in her resting postiion with her foot pressing hard down against my rib, it is very uncomfortable!!

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    There's a pregnancy vent thread here is you like

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