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Thread: Any relief for back pain?

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    Just wanted to chime in, A chiropractor visit might be very helpful.

    If heat is not working (which relaxes the muscle) try cold packs instead, 20 mins on 20 mins off (this reduces swelling and inflamation) which might be the cause of your pain.

    Grab one of those small hand held massager's and have someone massage it gently when ever you can if paying for a massage is not affordable.

    I hope it settles down for you soon.....

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    Could you see if you could get in to see the physio's at the hospital where you are going to deliver? That way it shouldn't cost much.

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    Default Relief From Back Pain

    I've used a Glucosamine supplement, and Flexoplex. I had excellent results with Flexoplex, and have friends with good results from it also.

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    belly brace (from physio)
    pregnancy hydrotherapy classes
    that's what i used. was so grateful for. the highlight of my week was the preg. hydro class (a class of preg. women all experiencing bad backs)

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