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Thread: Anyone give their OB a thank you present?

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    I have always given pressies to those who helped.
    When I had the girls I gave a big jar of lollies to the ward, antenatal clinic, NICU and delivery suite.
    I also gave flowers to the midwife who was there for the girls' birth.
    Lily was the same deal.
    When I had William, we gave everyone who was involved a little pewter butterfly keyring, with hope written on the back. They all got photos and a bottle of wine and a book.
    On his first birthday, I sent a thankyous to all of the people involved. Both at his birth and his death. It was important to me to acknowledge the people who were with us.

    Ivy and Noah's birth saw my midwives with flowers, wine and again photos but they were good friends as well.
    The ward got chockies as did one special midwife who helped me through a really hard time. Chockies too, to the NICU staff.
    My doctor loves fruit and rarely gets time to eat so we gave him a big basket of fruit and chockies (as he is a sugar junkie too) wine and photos. We also gave chockies to his PA, as we often spoke to her more than we did our doctor, LOL!
    Again, due to the nature of the babies birth, I acknowledged everyone involved on their first birthday.
    As a midwife, it's really nice to be thanked so as a patient I like to show my gratitude.

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    Tiff that is lovely. I feel too that it is very important to show gratitude to those who have helped us in some way.

    Fraser, in many ways I understand your feelings about finding it hard to let go. I was very fond of my FS and my obstetrician and missed them for a long while after it was all over. I think too when there has been some difficulty or struggle involved and you are lucky enough to have a compassionate carer, it can make all the difference as to how you perceive the experience.

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    I hand made a thankyou card and gave a box of choccies to the midwife who attended my last birth. She was such a trouper with me, and helped my planned vbac become a success so I felt she really did deserve an extra *surprise* thankyou. When I handed it over to the lady at the desk, she was really surprised and expressed that the midwife would be really touched. Sounds like it doesn't happen a lot.

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    For both my births we gave the midwives a huge box of chocolates to share around and a bottle of wine. They really did do over and above what was necessary.....we were very grateful. Some people treat midwives like slaves.....they are a wonderful asset , especially to the hospital i gave birth at.

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    Fraser I too had a hard time
    'letting go "after the birth of my girls..I thought I was weird so its good to see other mums out there who felt the same.I saw my ob a few times after the birth of my girls and on my last check up to check the implanon in my arm I gave her a big bunch of flowers.They were beautiful Im lucky I have a sister who is a florist and does groovy work.I look forward to another pregnancy (not until next year though ) I think because I had such a wonderful pregnancy and birth and I really admired her for everything she did for us..My hubby loves her as well...

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