thread: Can I Eat Prawns????

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    Can I Eat Prawns????

    Hi Everyone,

    I have just a quick question Can I Eat Prawns????
    As I decided today i might make gourmet fish & chips at home tonight i was also thinking for an entree to make up prawn ****tails.... I am only 8 week pregnant and I didn't know if you need to stay clear of them.....

    Kind Regards

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    kjorgo1 Guest

    When I was pg with #1 I steered clear for most of my pg but I did have them once or twice when we went out for dinner. I think the main seafood to avoid is shellfish (are prawns a shellfish or crustation?) so I totally avoided oysters and tried to avoid crab (I did have a little crab, I love seafood and craved it). I did take to eating that seafood extender stuff for a while to satisfy the cravings, I know it's made from cows or something but I don't really care what is in something, as long as it tastes good! If you get some just make sure you cook them well and enjoy them!!


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    Aug 2004


    I avoided all cold seafood - and it nearly killed me!! I would make sure anything you eat, regardless of what it is either has a reputable handling/storage history, or is cooked properly.

    There is no way I could avoid eating hot cooked prawns though. God I love them!!


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    Jun 2005

    As far as seafood is concerend, i have been using the rule that if its cooked and hot then its ok. So i have not eaten raw prawns but have had ones that are cooked ie BBQ prawns, fried prawns, cooked through in a risotto

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    If they are cooked and hot they should be ok, but definitley avoid the raw ones.

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    May 2004

    I would just use common sense as a guideline and not get too worked up about what you can and cannot eat while pregnant. I'm sure there are other pg women in other cultures that rely on and eat shellfish etc

    Also look at your parents and more importantly your grandparents. They didn't have all this do this and do that when they were pg, yet they survived. As I said, common sense should see you through.

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    davvie Guest

    I have eaten lobster, prawns, mussels and oysters throughout my pregnancy and have had no problems.

    I just steer clear of deep sea fish due to the mercury content.

    Otherwise seafood is very high in nutrients for you and your baby , thats what a preggo mag reported anyway.

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    Melody Guest

    I am 100% with JOJA & Davvie.... this is what our bodies are designed to do. My general rule of thumb is that the only things I avoid are things I have always avoided..... I wouldn't walk into a deli & order a sandwich if it looked dirty etc. Common sense.

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    Jan 2008

    Can i eat cooked prawns that have been thawed?? Very fresh though?

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    I have craved seafood through my pregancy BIG TIME things like lobster, crab and prawns and so did my mate with her 2 pregancies and since it been christmas prawns are everywhere, she had no issues with her 2 pregancies with the seafood (one of which was a multiple) I think its common sence and all up to yourself and your body and what you want to put into it.
    If you buy it somewhere fresh and clean its a good thing and steer clear of the deep sea fish as mentioned, I dont see harm and neither did my midwife when i asked her if it was safe for me to eat them

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    Personally I wouldn't do it. The only prawns I'd eat while when PG are those that I've purchased green and then cooked myself. Not ones that have been precooked and frozen and then thawed. I had a awful case of food poisoning from seafood last year and it put me right off anything from a deli or a fish market. Still now I am very cautious even though I'm keen on some oysters, I can't stand the thought of being so sick again. I'd hate to have gone through that while being PG!

    There are valid reasons why you should avoid precooked shellfish. Health professionals don't say to avoid these foods to be meanies. Miscarriage has been caused by lysteria, that's why PG women are warned of the risks.

    Ultimately it's your choice if you decide to take notice of them or not.
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