thread: Can you elect for an induction with public hospital?

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    Exclamation Can you elect for an induction with public hospital?

    Just a quick question about inductions.
    I am going public again with this bub, and depending on size etc, I would like to be induced.
    I have been seeing a pregnancy physio specialist at the Canberra hospital, but my hip pain is not getting any better. I have been told that basically my left hip has rotated forward. I have been doing the exercises she told me to do, but it isn't getting any better. I can barely get out of a chair, which makes running after a 4 year old and my study pretty damn hard.
    Do I have the right to ask to be induced or will I be given the run around because I don't have my own OB?

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    I wanted to be with DD1 due to my BP being high and i was told my placenta was beginning to reject bub.....but that still wasnt a good enough reason for an induction!

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    The short answer is no, probably not. You can ask to see an Ob at your next hospital appointment and explain your situation to him or her, with info from the physio, but ultimately they will probably only schedule an induction if it is believed to be imperative to the safety of you or your baby. And even then, it is highly unlikely that it will be done before 38 weeks, no matter what the size of your baby. ATM you are only 32 weeks, which is too soon for bubs to be born - the risks for baby far outweigh the benefits at this point in time, unless bubs life was in danger.

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    When you say you dont have your own OB, do you mean your going through an antenatal clinic at the hospital, or doing midwife only care, shared care etc?
    It depends on the hospital, OB and how assertive you can be. They may not do it before 40 weeks though. Id get the physio to put something in writing or speak directly with your care provider, and if you arent happy with their response ask whom you need to speak with.

    Kim - I would have made a complaint regarding your care with DD1 if you had those symptoms i dont know what reasoning they used not to let you be induced?

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    Hey Gardener - are you talking about SPD/PGP? I've been reading up on it myself because I am getting it for the first time ever and they recommend for best outcomes to not induce unless otherwise medically necessary. It runs the risks of further intervention and damage to the symphysis pubis.

    If not, then I would take all the info to them and hope for the best, but they probably wont agree to it until 40+1

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    I asked this exact question and geez some of the responses i got! I had SPD and an almost 4 year old to look after. I got to the point where id stand up and id have to swing my left leg to get my hip moving in the right direction and then id have to get walking really fast to keep the momentum. Id spend most of the day standing up cause once id sit down it was almost impossible to get back up!

    My midwife (public hospital) said they probly would induce me unless they had to but to ask again as i got closer to my dues date, only i never got close to my due date because bub came on her own 2 weeks early!

    I hope that happens for you!