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Thread: Canesten while pregnant

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    Default Canesten while pregnant

    Ok girls...gross as it is to admit I believe I have a yeast infection ...ewwwwww..never had one before ..I dont think!.

    The Dr has suggested Canesten tablets...and the company also says it is safe for pregnancy woman. Me being miss panic merchant is still nervous...has anyone used this while pregnant?

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    mummy2Kaitlyn - first of all congrads on your happy news, how far along are you?
    I got thrush with DS and used canasten cream no worries, doc told me it was safe. I havn't used tablets tho, unless you mean the pessary, in which case, it is safe also. However if I was going to recommend one, I would have to say use the cream, it makes less mess, IYKWIM , the cream is easier to clean. The pessary goes all gritty and yik.
    Cheers Cherene

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    I believe canesten pessaries are safe while pregnant.

    If you are really worried and would like a more natural remedy, you can use probiotic capsules. They simply add more of the friendly bacteria found naturally in the vagina which restores the balance and bye bye thrush. I had a resistant strain of thrush once, all the canesten in the world did nothing, but the probiotic "pessaries" turned out to be the only thing that worked in the end.


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    I used a thrush treatment at the end of my second pregnancy.. it worked a treat.. it was in tablet form.. I recently found out from my sister I prob shouldn't have used it but the midwife gave me the name and told me exactly what to ask for,,

    Con incidence or not but 5 days later my waters broke.. either way the treatment worked..

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    I got "it" more than once whilst pregnant

    I didn't think it was thrush as there was NO discharge BUT then I found out from the midwives, GP, OB & pharmiest that thrush doesn't have to have a discharge ... As long as you are feeling itchy & at least a bit burny down there ... You then have thrush. Which more than one midwife told me it is so common amongst pregnant woman ... just no likes to admit they have/had it

    Each time I used the CANESTEN cream (not tablets) ... All medical professionals I spoke to recommended the cream best.

    With strict instructions to ONLY insert a small way into the vagina NOT all the way in !!!

    Worked an absolute treat

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    I had it while pregnant with DS but did not get treated for it until after DS was born as the doctor told me it was not thrush and just a heat rash of some sort Anyway i was told you can use the canestan cream while pregnant but not the oral tablet. You also can't use any canestan while breastfeeding, the pharmasist said.

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    I don't know a pregnant woman out there who hasn't got thrush at least one through the pregnancy! I've managed to get it twice already (damn antibiotics!).

    My midwife told me to use a cream to stop the itching/burning and definately take a probiotic like yakult or inner health plus (some BB members recommend In-Liven too but it is a bit expensive for me) to help restore the balance. I've been drinking yakult once a day since she told me and no thrush, i think it helps the BMs too (if you're like me and get a bit bunged up ).

    Pregnancy is lovely isn't it!!!!!

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    I had same issure after a dose of Antibiotics but the pharmasist told me i couldnt use the pessaries or tabs... gave me a low dose cream (with applicators but advised not to use the applicators) and to use the cream and not to put it inside very far.

    Also recommended heaps of yoghurt and inner health plus and yokult.

    Maybe ask the pharmasist to check the box??? Maybe my Pharmasist was just precautious cos everyone else is saying its ok????

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    I was told by a pharmacist that inner health plus was not good while pregnant???

    But canestan is definitely alright during pregnancy. I never got it with Nina, but have a couple of weeks ago with this pregnancy. Like Jess said, just don't insert it all the way like the box says.
    Also try cranberry juice and natural yoghurt.

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    Thanks Girls! I have send DH off to the chemist to get the cream . I have the pessery tablet things which is what Canesten recommend for pregnant woman ..but as my DR and OB suggested the cream and it seems that is what most you ladies have used I will use tihs instead.

    Just makes me so nervous to insert something like a pessery while there is a baby in there..sill maybe but I cant shake the worry!

    I am also getting him to pick me up some of those microbiotic tablet thingos as well .

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