thread: carpal tunnel?

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    Jul 2008

    Question carpal tunnel?

    hi all...hoping someone might be able to help me with a couple of questions about carpal tunnel.

    i am waking up during the night with a sore hand & some numbness or tingling/pins & needles in my fingers. i get it during the day sometimes & it seems to be getting worse - i.e. the 2nd, 3rd & 4th fingers of my dominant hand are kind of tingly at the moment & when i make a fist, the joints are a little sore.

    from what i've read. this sounds a bit like CT - but as far as i can see, i don't really have any swelling in my wrist or hand and i thought the symptoms always appeared along with swelling?

    has anyone had these symptoms & not had swelling? i will ask at my next appt but it's not for another 11 days & i'm curious! it isn't too painful, more just disconcerting!

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    Feb 2005
    Boyne Island

    Yup I have it in both hands or arms..

    I had an electrode test or whatever its called..

    I wore a splint day and night for a few weeks and the symptoms virtually disappeared.. I have noticed over the last weeks it is coming back so I try and rest my hands/wrists when I can

    I got almost no swelling.. On hot days I could see it but generally there was no change on the outer of my arms..

    Its uncomfortable isn't it..

    Another tip I did was to hold my arms above my head. I swear I could feel the fluid running out

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    Feb 2008
    Adelaide SA

    Yep I had CT without too much swelling.

    I was still wearing my engagement ring till about 34 weeks and then the swelling got a little worse and I couldn't wear it anymore. But then again it was summer too so that would have affected it.

    Mine wasn't very bad so I didn't have to wear splints or anything but man was it painful in the morning!

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    Oct 2008

    Hi Sloane,

    I am a bit the same as you. I am waking in the night with completely numb hands. Not easy getting and going for a pee or to tend to my son!

    I am only 14 weeks and dont have any swelling either. I talked to my sis who is a nurse and she thinks that its probably the start of CTS and that in the second and third tri I will probably have more of an issue with it.

    I did read that sleeping on your hands/arms makes it worse and I always sleep with my arm under the pillow, so I have changed that and it has made a bit of a difference. I dont have any symptoms during the day apart from some stiffening and swelling when I have been typing for a while, so then I just flex my wrists a bit and that helps.

    I dont think there is anything to do about it is there? I have heard that if it gets really bad some women wear splints to bed (YUK). I already wear a splint on my leg to bed so I dont want to look like a horror film and have them on my hands too...


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    Jul 2008

    thank you all for replying - i thought i was going crazy having some symptoms but not the swelling!

    aussienic - both hands/arms must have been very uncomfy. i'm glad to hear it went away for a bit - i hope the slints help again

    isabel - getting to 34 weeks was pretty good with your engagement ring! i've had friends who've had to take them off in the first tri!

    rommy'smummy - that sounds exactly like me - hands under the pillow to sleep! i tried hanging an arm out last night but it felt very strange. i can imagine you wouldn't want another splint - it'd make it tough to get comfy!

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    Apr 2008
    Clare Valley, SA

    Hello all
    I have been experiencing CP since I hit 20 weeks or so, which my Ob tells me is early....It is bad, and I have taken to wearing wrist splints off and on through the day and night. Not much swelling that I would think related to cp - just being pregnant, but I do have a lot of discomfort and tingling. I have trouble with some tasks -like using a knife, and typing sometimes. My Ob also advised I should see a physio. I don't know...i am just hoping it gets no worse, and that it disappears as soon as baby is born.

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    Jul 2008

    ceecee - sorry to hear you've had it for a few weeks already would you consider seeing a physio? i'm going to see an osteo next friday because i'm getting a little bit of back pain & just generally want to make sure everything is aligned - i'm hoping they can help with this too

    going by your ticker, we must be due close together

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    Mar 2009

    I had carpal tunnel syndrome during my pregnancy, my ob told me to eat celery to reduce the fluid...but how much celery can you eat! my osteo did as much as he could too, but now 8 months after the birth, i still have pains but have splints to wear during the day. one hand is better than the other but i just wish it'd go away....its tough when you have to pick up a little one.

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    Feb 2007

    yes that sounds like carpal tunnel. i had it during my last pregnancy and it was awful. while my fingers were a bit swollen (had my wedding ring cut off halfway through!) my wrists/arms weren't visibly swollen at all.

    the good news is that for most people it goes away once you've had your baby. a week after my daughter was born i had no more problems with ct.

    i think from memory that icepacks were helpful - rest your wrist as much as possible as well (although that's more easily said than done).

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    Aug 2004
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    CTS is awful, I had a little with my first and with my 2nd it came on very early and 18 months after his birth it was still so painfull and my strength was even starting to go in my left arm/hand, it also didn`t help that I had a very heavy baby to lug around, anyway I went to my GP who said he could put an injection in my wrist, it didn`t sound too nice so I just put up with the pain then my Mum told me a chiropractor could help, I`d never heard of that before but thought it`ll be worth a go, after 6 months seeing my chiropractor regularly I was free of my CTS YAY, I`m 27 weeks pregnant now with #3 and haven`t got it but I`m waiting for it to raise it`s ugly head again.