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Thread: Carpal tunnel syndrome

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    Default Carpal tunnel syndrome

    I am waiting to see a physio at the moment to have braces for my hands. But not sure how long i will have to wait. The pain seems to come and go but i have the tingling all the time which also stops me from picking things up.

    Would like some help in what to do about the pain in the mean time.

    So any help would be great.

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    nicoak Guest


    i have carple tunnle as well, but not as bad as you. My OB told me to run your hands under cold water if it gets bad. Luckily I don't need hand or wrist braces.

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    Melinda Guest


    I wish I'd known that I could have had wrist/hand braces as I had REALLY bad CTS. I had permanent numbness/tingling in my much so that I could put my hands in a sink full of hot water straight from the tap and not know it was hot.....I had trouble typing, picking things up, writing etc, just like you are. There was nothing I could do about the pain either, I just had to put up with it. It wasn't very nice and I had it until Jacob was around 5w old.

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    Thanks for the help.

    I'm still waiting for them to call. Hopefully i will get a phone call today if not i have my hospital appt on Friday so i will see then.

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    I had it bad as well Michelle, just the same as Tootie, couldn't write, pick anything up or even drive, it really was terrible. I am sorry to say that nothing helped me at all. I am happy to say that it does go away! I am back to normal now.

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    I finally got my braces for my hands last week and they are great i have to wear them to bed at night. Also can use then in the day time.

    If anyone has it ask to have some braces for your hands.

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