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thread: Cravings

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    Jul 2007

    Ice for me too and lot's of lemons. Sand is a weird one....

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    Feb 2004

    Just merging with our cravings thread.

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    Oct 2007

    tattoos (last pregnancy): I survived 5 hours under the gun before succumbing to good sense and saying stop. I then had an unfinished piece on my back for whole year!

    Dreadlocks (this pregnancy): every time i dread my hair i realise too late those little itches were headlice. 3 times it's happened now, and they're so hard to treat when you cant comb yr hair.

    apple walnut scrolls - I didn't know i was pregnant but i had to have one every day for 3 months. then it stopped. i also went right off coffee- from at least 3 real coffees a day (non-negotiable) to crossing the street to avoid having to smell it at a cafe. at 6 months pg at last i can drink it again: in soy thick shake format (i get em to use berry sorbet as i'm vegan).

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    Jun 2006
    In the middle of Pink and Blue!!!

    With DS1 toasted cheese sandwhich's at 3am(Dh was impressed)

    With DS2 salt and vinegar chips hate them normally

    This time Orange juice, and vegemite.

    Its fun to talk about and read others cause mine does not seem to weired then lol


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    Sep 2007
    Off with the fairies

    Hot chips and red rooster chicken rolls for DS
    For DD x 2, This is going to sound quier , oh well, snorting lavender or eucalyptus oil on a hanky. I would take a hanky with me everywhere.LOL

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    Jul 2005
    Rural NSW

    I totally understand the lavender thing RH. I loved it too, but only when pregnant, not overly keen on it otherwise.

    My food cravings were: (the same with all 3 pregnancies) Tomato on toast/toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches, lettuce, watermelon (don't like it that much otherwise), icecream.

    One other thing I get an unnatural pleasure from when preggers is cleaning my teeth with Cedel spearmint toothpaste. OMG especially doing my tongue!

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    Jul 2007

    Peaches have been my cravings since i was six and a half weeks pregnant. Which was in July... it's now mid-october, and they might be coming in soon. I saw nectarines today and jumped up and down in the supermarket squealing to my best friend... I can't wait...
    And no, canned peaches just don't do the trick... i won;t be satisfied until i get that first bite of really ripe, fresh peaches... mmmm tasty =)

    On another note, i was totally over take-away food and early on when i had the bad morning sickness the only thing i could physically eat without fail was pizza. And now, it's cheeseburgers. And i don;t even like the damn things, they're just there and easy and at the time just so damn taaaaaastyyyyy....

    ETA: I had to add strawberry milk. Early in my pg i constantly craved s/b flavoured things. Icecream, milk, shakes, wafers, tim tams... And i never ever prefer strawberry over chocolate! Im back onto chocolate milk etc, but the most thankful thing of food aversions during my pg has been its fantastic ability for me to now dislike chocolate! And i used to be a chocoholic.
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    Sep 2007

    With my son... chocolate thickshakes... EVERYDAY for 6 months lol. With my DD it was chocolate milk and McDonalds hotcakes. I remember once staying up all night just so I could get to Macca's at 6 am for the hotcakes lol. This one is totally different. Hot chips and gravy but only from one certain store (the others dont get the gravy right lol) and Nutra Grain... in the middle of the night. I cant handle it in the morning lol.

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    Mar 2007
    outer South East Melbourne

    With my second pregnancy I craved lasagne from 4weeks until I m/c at 5.5 weeks. I've only just found out that I am pregnant again and for 3 days straight prior to getting my BFP I could not stop myself from having a steak and cheese pie for lunch.

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