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thread: Cravings

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    motherduck Guest

    I'm craving spiders

    Just thought I'd ask what cravings you all had or have at the moment.

    I only ask this because I thought that this time I had escaped with no cravings at all but about an hour ago I got the biggest craving for a red creaming soda spider with rasberry ice cream and I don't usually drink fizzy drinks at all.

    With #1 I craved chicken and chips but It had to be from Red Rooster only, no other chicken would do, cheese twisties were another and the main one was Beetroot, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo sadwiches.

    With #2 it had to be plain omelette from the chinese shop, and curried egg I won't eat curried egg normaly.

    Now with PG #3 I thought because thier are twins that mabye I haven't had any because I read somewhere that you only crave what the baby needs so all I can think is they must want a sugar hit.
    Well just finnished the spider and It was so yummy well bye for now LOL.

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    Registered User

    Jul 2006

    Lol Jean, I craved spiders earlier on...coke with vanilla ice cream and I don't usually drink coke, in fact could almost say that I hate the stuff as a general rule. I've also gone through Subway, Red Rooster, salt & vinegar chips and cheetos cheese and bacon balls....mmmmm YUM...oh and almost forgot...pizza which I'm not a huge fan of!!

    With #1 banana, peanut butter and honey sandwiches (which I still like anyway), cheesecake and then toward the end it was anything so long as it was edible...lol. I also HATED pizza and even the smell of it so that's a difference between these two.

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    Jacquelyn Guest

    Jean I came across this thread and thought ewwwwww!!

    I haven't had a spider "drink" in years, so it did not occur to me that you weren't talking about a daddy long legs or somehting!!

    I much prefer to think of you having a lovely bubbly drink than an eight legged creature. LOL


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    Kirsty77 Guest

    I was thinking the same thing Jacquelyn!LOL! I thought 'ewww why does she know what spiders taste like and why the heck would she crave them!LOL!'.

    I craved with DD #1-oranges, curried pies, anything very hot and spicy, fried egg,mushroom and gherkin all together, pringles and starburst.

    This time I haven't had as strong cravings but lately its been potato chips(plain), fizzy drinks nothing exciting BUT I can't have any of it as my gallbladder is playing up and I'm on a low fat diet!!hehehe TYPICAL!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2006

    When I was Preggas with DS, I craved ANYTHING POTATO!!! And salty chips ooooohhhh couldnt get enough!!!
    I wonder if its true that you crave sweets for girls and savoury for boys??

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    motherduck Guest

    Not sure about sweet for girls and savory for boys as at the last scan the lady thought its one of each so mabye tomorrow it will savory I'm thinking big fat T bone.

    I'm sure that the real spiders are glad I'm talking about fizzy ones HeHeHe
    LOL Jean

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    chelleg Guest

    I did the ice craving. Everything had to be full of ice! I used to freeze small bottles of cottees cordial in the mornings so i could have the icey drink at night and i'd be at Gloria Jeans every 5 seconds getting mango chillers and if there was no Gloria Jeans it was to the nerest servo to get an icee

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    Registered User

    Feb 2005

    I went through several stages. I had a crumpets with cream cheese stage, a Powerade Berry Ice stage (even got DP hooked on them LOL) and a tinned spaghetti on toast stage (for lunch AND tea for a long time lmao).

    I also started craving something sweet after anything savoury I had... unforunately that part hasn't gone away lol!!

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    Registered User

    Feb 2004

    Just going to add this into our cravings thread...

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    Registered User

    Feb 2006
    Newcastle, NSW

    With James, I craved Heinz Apple and blackcurrent baby jelly, potato scallops with brown vinegar and green cordial. With Madeleine, I craved chicken and sweet corn soup, oranges and grapefruit juice. With Noah, I craved steak and steamed vegies... with this bub, I have mostly craved fresh bread rolls... But, I have craved pork (I usually HATE pork!!) and I did eat corn chips with vanilla ice cream on top

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    Babushka Doll Guest

    I am only 5+ weeks, but before I even found out I was craving Salt & Vingegar... hmm Pringles, chips, popcorn (with S&V seasoning). Ive gone right off my chocolate cravings which is really wierd as I am a chocoholic!!

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    Registered User

    Jul 2006

    I wonder about the salt and vinegar craving...I had it too...maybe it's something to do with the m/s thing as it seemed to help...hmmm.

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    mum5boys Guest

    I have had 5 boys and I craved sweet and savoury.
    I had to have fillet of fish and a cheeseburger filled with fries with number 1 and 2.
    number 3 I was addicted to corn thins,number 4 was twisters and special fried rice.
    Number 5 was twisties and peppermint icecream-not together.
    This time I crave salty hot chips with tomato sauce and also potato chips and peppermint icecream but with all my pg I had to have chocolate as well as long as it was cadbury's.At the moment it is Cadbury's mint chip chocolate.


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    Registered User

    Jun 2006
    Perth, WA

    I've had a giggle reading through some of these posts!

    At the start when I was feeling really nauseous Salt and Vinegar Chips did it for me too. About a month ago I had SUCH a craving for a pork chop. It lasted over a day so I went and bought one and pan fried it; gee it tasted good! But... had such bad indigestion later and the thought of pork actually began to make me feel nauseous - I should mention that I haven't eaten red meat or pork for about 10 years now, so it was a pretty weird thing for me to want!

    Also I had a bite of DH's bacon and egg sandwich recently and it was so great I had to go and make myself one. And that went down a treat, no problems!

    Also fruit juice, and any type of fruit - apples, oranges, mandarins, pears, you name it. I can't wait until nectarines, plums and peaches come into season. The tinned ones just don't cut it!

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    Registered User

    Jul 2006

    Also fruit juice, and any type of fruit - apples, oranges, mandarins, pears, you name it. I can't wait until nectarines, plums and peaches come into season. The tinned ones just don't cut it!
    OMG...I can't wait either!! I've been eating a lot more fruit than normal. I also REALLY WANT A MANGO!!! *sighs*

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    Registered User

    Aug 2006
    On the other side of this screen!!!

    Salt and Vinegar chips and ginger beer...!!!!

    And watermelon and carrot juice, couldn't get enough of that!

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    Registered User

    Feb 2004
    Adelaide SA

    With this bub my cravings so far have been
    Cupcakes/muffins, this craving was so strong i sent dp to the shop at 3am :eek:
    Smiths straight cut plain chips
    Strawberry milk
    Diet coke and neopolitan icecream spiders (this craving started yesterday and i can't get enough of them)

    With my 2 boys my biggest cravings were mash and gravy and ice

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    Registered User

    Aug 2006
    Perth WA

    With my first it was avocado on toast with vegemite, and lots of meat (I hadn't eaten red meat until I was pregnant!).

    With this one it is crunchy peanut butter (I have always hated peanut butter) and milk so far. I have gone right off meat too.


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