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Thread: Cravings - what are yours???

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    The problem i find is that when i come into these threads, i find more things to crave!!

    I have been craving junk food badly, it is all i want!

    I would write a massive list but i dont have all night lol

    Macca's has been a fav for me too, i couldnt decide what i wanted so i bought 2 different burgers, ended up only having one though

    I have a craving at the moment for spagetti on toast, but alas none in the house!!

    But i have found my cravings so overwhelming this pregnancy and nothing at all like last ones, could it be another gender? Probally not!!
    I am presuming this one is a boy until i see otherwise

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    sonsangel Guest


    I'm not sure the fillet o' fish is ok to eat during pregnancy? Is it? Just thinking of what type of fish it is because if it's deep sea it can contain mercury. I would also looooove soft serve but that is a big no as well
    Oh well too late girls, hehe.
    I haven't had them because I thought they were a no no.

    This time my cravings have been vanilla custard and salt n vinegar chips.

    Last time it was milo, the original juice co - tropical juice, my own minestrone soup, a jar of pickles in one sitting, ewwww.
    Oh and the big kit kat bar. I'd have a stash in my hand bag.

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    SPICY FOODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    maggie Guest



    Dont have any real cravings, just like all foods at moment, and i am eating non stop.. hmm is it norm to have no set ones...

    But all food tastes good at the moment... hate to imagine how much weight i am going to put on

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    Fraser Guest


    CHOCOLATE MILK!!!! I can't get enough of it - am considering having second stomach surgically attached so I can fit more in!!!

    Also have craved those oven roast potatoes you buy in the frozen section - I eat them with chopsticks and dip them in soy sauce, DH thinks it's weird but it tastes soooooo good!

    oh and natural juice company lollies - any sort can polish off a bag in 2 minutes

    ps: I wouldn't worry about the mercury levels in a filet o fish - I highly doubt it's actually fish!!

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    LOL Rayla that you went and got Mc'as hehehehehehe that is funny, I had not had such a strong craving util that one LOL and that was an absolute must have and then once I had finished them I asked dh to pick me up one of the apple pies from Mc'as LMAO it was so yummy,
    I have been craving things like rice and any indian food I can get my hands on LOL, vanilla custard, and I think htats about it for now hehehehehe

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    sonsangel Guest


    I have just researched what type of fish the fillet o fish is at mc's and it's Hoki. That isn't on the list I got from the hospital so I think it is safe. I just had to double check for furture reference.

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    Bec Guest


    I have been craving anything sweet and junk type food.
    I love chocoalte and lollies.
    Maccas is good too.

    Oh I love indain I might have that tomorrrow night


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    Oh Emily, that had me in stitches!! I would love to have another stomach attached! Anything to be able to eat more.

    Amy, I've actually had another 3 filet o fish since then. Its tha tartare sauce - I cant get enough!! If they would sell it on its own, I would drink it. I need help!

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    Melinda Guest


    I've had a few different ones so far:

    Maccas Chips (mmm salty!)
    Salt n Vinegar Chips
    Vita Wheats with Vegemite
    Hartz Raspberry Mineral Water (has to be Hartz)
    Fruitless Hot Cross Buns
    Breakaway Chocolate
    Donut King Chocolate Mud Donuts

    Thankfully most of those have passed now except for the Solo which I'm still craving!!! *drool* It's only a matter of time until the next craving comes along LOL!!!

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    Lollies and chocolate! Although i dont know if they are cravings i have alwasy loved them just contained myself from eating or buying them, now i seem to think i have an excuse and just eat it!
    I tend to hear of smething someone else suggests then want it.

    My sister who is due next week has been getting stuck into easter eggs was telling me on the w/e so i just went an ate a crunchie egg all to myself!
    Now reading about maccas i feel like the chips with sweet n sour sauce!

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    Well this week it is MILO!!! I have gone through 4 medium tins since last friday, it has to be made with hot milk and no sugar, i've sent DP out to get some more, we just ran out LOL

    Another thing is Indian food, i'm making ckicken Tikka and rice for dinner and i can't wait

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    one really weird craving i had when i was preggers with ethan was cigarettes! i know it sounds awful but i didn't actually smoke.. i'd just have a quick sniff of DH's packet when he wasn't looking.. hehe..

    and i drank heaps of green tea! for some reason i just had to have at least 5 cups a day.. now when i have a cup, it doesn't do anything for me and i rarely finish the cup.. strange

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