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    Lately i've been out of sorts because i know i'm not getting enough water. Thing is, i gag every time i drink the stuff, no matter what temperature it is at, i just don't like it at all and cant drink it. I know i need it, so would putting a bit of say cordial in just for flavour take the benefit away of drinking straight water?

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    adding cordial to it will be fine.


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    I agree with Kathyrn - cordial is fine if you like it . Ribena is good too as it has VIT C - but also sugar -so go easy on it . Don't get diet ones though - they are not good for you in pregnancy.

    Milk is also good for you and has a lot of water in it - and benefit of calcium.

    It is mainly because tea & coffee are diuretics they don't count it in your 8 glasses a day.

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    Ooooh I couldn't get enough Ribena when I was pregnant, I loved it and drank as much as I could.

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    Bugger, now I'm feeling like blackcurrant juice LOL.

    I have the opposite problem Tegan - I love water! I'm drinking around 2L a day.

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    No Tegan, cordial will not destroy the benefits of water

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    IKWYM Tegan - I'm a bit the same. Do you like fruit or herbal teas? Because they haven't got any caffeine they're counted in your water intake for the day. Green tea is especially good, but watch out for things like peppermint - there are some that aren't allowed in pg. Good luck!

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