thread: Eating things I don't normally eat??

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    Feb 2004

    Eating things I don't normally eat??

    Is anyone else eating things in pregnancy that normally they wouldn't? This didn't happen to me last time, so this is all very new for me.

    Tonight I'm cooking up some fried rice for dinner & just had the urge to add some bacon to it. A few weeks ago I tried a potato recipe tht had bacon & have made it three times now!! I have never ever liked bacon & would normally eat around it if I had to absolutely have a meal with it in. So over the last month or so I've had four meal with bacon including tonight. WHAT THE??

    I'm also drinking a whole lot more soft drink which I don't usually. I am absolutely not a Coke drinker, other than Vanilla Coke occassioanlly, but I want it all the time. I've had maybe a glass a week because I really don't like having caffeine when I'm pregnant, but I just want it all the time. Other soft drink I have a lot of during the week, maybe one or two glasses a day when normally it'd be one or two glasses a week if that. I'm still drinking my water & juice, this is just added on top.

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    When i had problems with m/s, i was consistently wanting pizza - apparently it was to do with the fat and protein levels i wasn't getting from the rest of my diet. I also craved "strawberry" flavoured things, like milk, ice cream, wafer biscuits... And i normally have quite the distaste for strawberries.
    I find myself needing a sugar hit all the time, which is why i have been drinking so much soft drink... At least one glass a day, which is annoying me royal.. I've been trying to get the Sprite Zero, but the Coke Zero is [email protected]

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    Oct 2004

    I wanted to eat fish when I was pregnant. Normally I cant stand fish!! lol

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    Hmm, maybe there is something in bacon that your body needs?? That's weird with the soft drink, I was the opposite, I have always been a diet coke addict and then when I got pregnant I went right off of it and wanted only water! What about caffine free diet coke if you want to stay away from the caffine?

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    Sadly it doesn't work Carrie, it's gotta be leaded & nothing else LOL!

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    Mar 2004

    I drank heaps of ginger beer and miso soup when I was pregnant with Yasin. Usually I don't drink either of them very often. With Imran it was hot chocolate but only one brand appealed and it was the really processed on made by a company who I'm not fond of.
    I also got a thing for cheese burgers when I was pregNant with Yasin, I hadn't eaten McDonalds for almost 10 years prior to that.
    It would have been better getting cravings for fruit salads with bran and yoghurt lol but we can't pick them.

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    Jan 2006

    Yeah, I've been feeling like fish too and I don't normally eat the stuff (unless crispy-battered...)

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    You are not alone Sarah.
    I Didn't really have anything out of the usual other than eating ginger to over come the ms with pregnancy number 1 but with this one - olives - i am eating olives by the handful and i would pick them out of meals before.

    I think that it is most likely that Carrie is correct , the food we are eating that we normally avoid (bacon, olives) must have something that the body needs .
    Apparently olives are good nutritional source of vitamin e and bacon a good source of iron.
    Thought - Might try taking vitamin e and see if the urge to have olives dies.

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    Jul 2004

    Yep! I absolutely craved oranges when i was pregnant with Charlie, including orange juice and anything orange flavoured. Normally i don't like it though.

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