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Thread: Evap line or not?

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    Default Evap line or not?


    So yesterday I did a routine monthly preg test just to be sure (I haven't had AF since June 08) because I was told by my Gyno that its higly common to fall pregnant unknowingly if its been a long time since AF (fall pregnant right after O'ing and miss the next period because this time, you're preggers).

    Anyway, I got a LSP (little skinny positive). I can see it in arms length, its definately there and it came up before the 3 mins was up and didn't get darker after the 10 min window. But when AF disappeared this happened, I had a million +ve tests and nothing happened.

    So I'm wondering, as I wouldn't know how far along I would be.
    1. Based on the pic in the link below, how far along do you think I would be (when would you guess the due date would be) and
    2. What would be the chances that this is an evap line. It does have colour in it, depending which light it is being held in!

    This is the best pic I have got, it won't come out well in pics (cause I am using a camera phone)


    Sarah xx

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    This is what my test looked like - I had to look at it against the light, not against the light, outside towards the sun basically because I thought I was seeing things I looked at it every way possible.

    I went to the doctors the same day and did another test there........ He did the test and proceeded to tell me I wasnt pregnant, he then asked me if I would like a blood test to be sure or wait a week. I asked for the bloods to be done and as he handed me the referral he took another look at the test and told me he though I was pregnant - he showed me the tests and again it was extremely faint.

    Turned out I was 4 weeks pregnant exactly when I took the test. So if you are indeed pregnant you would only be around 3-4 weeks as the tests pick up on HGC levels to an extent-the more HGC the darker the line would be.

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    i cant see a line at all.. so if your preg, it would be very early i gather. i tested at 4 weeks and my line was very very dark. so im not too sure, sorry. Your best bet is to do a bt if ur unsure.

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    I had a line like this with my current pregnancy with the first test I did. I went to the doctors the following day and was told I was not pregnant. However 2 days later I did another home test and the line was much darker, I found out I would have been 4 weeks pregnant when I first tested.

    Good Luck!

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    Looks like a very early positive to me!

    Same thing happened to me - Wait a day and do it again, first wee of the morning - Should be more HCG at this time and you would get a stronger result if you are pregnant!

    Good luck!

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    well i cant see anything in the photo either, but it could be the picture. just wanted to let you know that i had the faintest of lines when i was pregnant with my DD. i messed up and thought i was testing on my period due date but i realised later that it was actually about 2 days before my period was due.... and the GP said i was about 4 weeks into the pregnancy. i would wait another week and test again, or if the curiosity got the better of me, go to the GP and get a blood test! :-)

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    this is wat my first tests looked like. do another one in a few days

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