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    Question Fainting

    I just fainted for the first time ever in pregnancy.

    It is really hot here today 40 degrees and really humid so i am guessing it was the heat. Plus it hasnt been below 30 for almost 9 days.

    Alo combined with the fact that i was watching a very detail video of a c section. the vid didnt gross meout but i just started to feel all dizzy and luckily i was in the computer chair so i didnt fall anywhere.

    when i came to i was covered in sewat and was made to strip off and hlay down and have some water.

    Did/does anyone else faint during the hotter weather???

    baby is still very active so im not worried then but should i give my midwife a call or just wait and if it happens again give her a call??

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    Hi Nessa
    I would say that your fainting was due to the heat, the video and your pregnancy. Also are you eating and drinking ok? Sweating is normal when you have fainted. If you feel ok now and your baby is still moving well I dont think you need to do anything about it, But i it continues to happen then it would be a good idea to get it checked

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    I fainted twice when I was pg, the first time I was around 17 wks and apparently its very common to faint around that time. The second time I was more like 30 wks and it was because I was low in iron.
    It must be terrible to be pg in that heat! Hope youre feeling ok, make sure you rest up and drink lots of water. I would prob mention it to your midwife if youre concerned.
    All the best

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    *Nessa* Guest


    Thanks for the super fast reply guys.

    I feel better now, I was made to drink a powerade and have some lollies. will just take it easy now.

    At least i could feel it coming on so was able to prepare myself

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    hye i have fainted afew times the first time the weather wasnt even that hot. and yeah the sweatin is just somehting that goes with it.

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