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    Hi everyone!!
    I posted this in the Breast Feeding forum too but thought I would also put it in here. Its for my friend, not for me (doesnt have Internet!!) She is currently 25 weeks pregnant and has a 3 year old at home. She apparantly has very flat nipples and had an enormous amount of trouble breastfeeding her DS. I think she only tried for a few days. Just wondered if anyone else out there has had the same problem, and if you can suggest anything to help? She is eager to try BF again with this baby but is unsure if it is worth as much trouble as last time? Any help or advice would be great!

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    Did she try nipple shields? these can often pull out the nipples and enable breast feeding without them after a few days

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    I had flat nipples and i BF DD for 7 months. I no longer have flat nipples LOL!

    Basically she should talk to a lactation consultant in advance of the birth AND right after, and make sure she gets baby really well latched on. If she talks to her hospital there may be breastfeeding support groups where she can go and moms with their babies will be able to physically show her what to do, and she can meet them in advance of birth for some support and encouragement as well as after to see friendly faces of those who can help/support. FOr the first few weeks the first 10-20 seconds of suckling can be toe-curling as your nipple is stretched into the back of bubs mouth - i used to pull mine out by hand before trying to feed her to lessen this effect and give her something to get a grip on. Despite this stretching pain in my nipple i never had a blister or a crack so i knew my latch was good. We did fine, no worries, and within a month i had pokey-out nipples which have stayed


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