thread: flu and pregnancy... any suggestions

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    kirsty_lee Guest

    Unhappy flu and pregnancy... any suggestions

    Hey everyone,

    Quick question, Since last night i've had the flu/cold... my throat is sore, nose is nasely, headaches.. and i just feel quite lethargic. Just want to know should I be panicking or should i just wait till tomorrow to see how i feel? I've taken panadol and rested all day also drinking plenty of fluids.. but im not just sure what the deal is as this is my first pregnancy. Im 19 weeks tomorrow. Any help would be muchly appreciated and put my mind at ease. Normally the flu wouldn't really bother me i'd just get heaps of rest etc... but since this is my first pregnancy i really don't know the "protocol"

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    Jul 2007

    Hi kirsty,
    I actually ended up with a really bad chest/throat respiratory tract infection when i was about nineteen weeks as well it's really not fun! Keeping the fluids up is great, maybe get down to your doctor, to make sure it is just the flu and not an infection - if you don't catch it early you'll find it'll stick around for ages and obviously we can't get as strong-a antibiotics either, so one course doesn't do the job (in my case anyway). Try and take it easy *bug hugs*, hope you're feeling better soon!

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    Mar 2007

    Hi Kirsty, all you can really do about it is what you have already done - panadol and rest. I just had a cold, someone suggested to me to gargle warm salt water, and it seemed to clear up my sore throat. Dont stress though, your baby will be just fine.

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    FluffyLaRue Guest

    awww you poor luv, I had flu when preg with my second bub. I had to be hospitalised because I had a raging fever and got dehydrated. Just keep up the fluids and keep an eye on your temp. It feels awful and it makes you fret for your bub, but s/he will be okay

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    Jul 2005

    drink lots of lemon tea or fresh lemon squeezed into water with sugar - i am true believer that lemon cures a cold/flu fast - good luck -

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    Jul 2004
    in a land of screaming kids.

    I second that. Panadol, rest and fluids are about all a preg woman can do when they get a cold or flu. If it goes for too long and u have green phlegm etc, see ur Dr and maybe get pg safe anti-biotics. But try to avoid them if you can. Without putting ur breathing and health at risk. Try not to overheat, but at the same time, getting too cold won't help and this damn weather is bad right now as it encourages the growth of bacteria and virus'. Just try to rest.... I hope u feel better soon!