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Thread: Gift for New Daddy

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    melr030780 Guest


    Yeah, Those choccy cigars sound like a winner with my DH, he is chocolate mad..


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    Thanks Brooke! You're a star!

    Love MG

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    You could make up a little card on it that states that the bearer of this card is entitled to free hugs and kisses at all times. Or something similar could be written on it. He can keep it in his wallet. If possible, you could get a friend to take a photo soon after birth and use it as the background of the 'card'. If you do the template up early then it should just be a matter of sticking the photo in and printing then laminating.

    I love the idea of a little train conductors hat. Or even a jumpsuit for bubs that says 'I have the worlds greatest dad' (or similar)
    The choccie cigars sound great and so does the survival box.

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    Whilst it might be a little 'small' to give a new dad, I bought Thomas a little gift from our coming bub for christmas. I found a pair of black mens socks with 'Super Dad' writen on them in the style of the 'Super Man' symbol.

    My usually tough as rocks man got all wet eyed and blubbery and told me that I had no idea how much that meant to him! Sometimes the smallest gestures can have a big effect!

    ....and he'd murder me if he knew I was telling you all this!

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    If your DH is a beer drinker there is a site where you can create your own label for a carton of beer (you can order 1 to infinity .... depending on your needs ) which could be baby's first photo, or world's greatest Dad or whatever you want. They usually arrive in under a week so you could have it made in time for you coming home with the little persons birthdate and details on it if you liked. You then get to wet the baby'd head with the baby's label of beer. The name is brewtopia and it is an Australian site.

    We did it for BIL wedding and it was a big hit!!

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