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    bethy Guest

    Default High End Prams

    Hi, I have had many prams including an emmalunga, the valco X2, maclaren x2, and a quinny Zapp, and have just purchased a Bugaboo Cameleon which I am very impressed with. I have researched it thoroughly and feel it is the best of its kind avail in Australia. I purchased it for my 3rd child who is already 16mo. old! I couldn't resist as I know I'll get at leat 2 more years of use from it. Hope this helps!

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    bethy Guest

    Default Clomid

    I used Clomid for 2 of my pregnancies and had 2 boys. My 3rd was unplanned and was a girl. Good luck and best wishes!!

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    i bought a stelcraft transaction (in milo rayray) i think its great i mean i havn't had the baby yet lol but i am in love with the pram and it was only 460 so idk if you would actually even consider it a high end pram but i kinda think spending so much on those prams when u can get one just as good if not better for half the price just seems a waste to me?? no offence to anyone who does buy them coz i am sure they love them i just can't justify it personally...

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    I've never looked closely at the silvercross but we have an emmaljunga (hand-me-down from SIL and BIL) and I loved it. So much that with this bub I think I will get an emmaljunga twin pram. The best part with the ems is that they sell on ebay for a fraction of the price and the trading post is full of them. Our emmaljunga is now on to its fifth baby (I lent it to a GF) and still going strong.

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    Hi All - thanks for the input, I ended up doing a lot of research and went with the bugaboo chameleon in the end. I love both the Emmaluja (sp??) and the silvercross but we went bugaboo as my DH liked it a lot more and I figured that means he will use it more!!!

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    I don't know if Valco is 'high end' enough but we got a Valco Rundabout Deluxe model for our little man... It's GREAT if you don't have to go into any shops or pack it in/out of the car...but it's a total pain in the butt to put in the car (too big and awkward) and it's too wide for a lot of shopping isles. We ended up buying a cheap Childcare pram which I use for every day use and the Valco just gets used for 'special occasions' or for walks from home. (the Valco is MUCH nicer to drive and is much more comfy for bubs though)

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    kerriebatch Guest

    Default Silver cross

    Hi, We have a silver cross and we love it! Even though we havent got our baby yet! We have been playing with it and it really is great. I just love the old fashion look but meets modern day needs. I got the salsa one, it is easy to put up and down and take to peices. Well worth getting one. Kerrie

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    We have a Bugaboo Cameleon and it's wonderful, DS loves it and it is easy to push indoors and outdoors but I've only even pushed it on pavement, I wouldn't call it an off road pram at all.

    When DS gets a bit older I wouldn't mind a McLaren Nipi stroller for quick trips as the two part fold of the Bug can get a bit annoying.

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    Hi Shoegal! I also hve the Mama and Papa Nipi for little quick walks - after the BB it isa lot more bumpy but DS likes it as well now he is a bit older. I am happy with both of them!

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    How old is your DS pregpan? Also, where did you buy your Nipi stroller and what did you pay for it?

    Thanks heaps!

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