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    Nov 2003
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    I have to say that I love hospital food, well, I have everytime I have been in hospital.

    A tip that I was told was to order extra for your evening meal so that DH can share, that way you dont have to pay the extra for a meal for him as well.

    The meals I had when I had the girls were beautiful and yummy and you could write exactly what you felt like on your form and they would bring it the next day. Brilliant when you crave seafood. But then again that was a private hospital.

    Michelle, I know that you are going public. One thing to remember is that when you fill out your menu, dont go for anything that sounds fancy. I used to work in a hospital kitchen and anything that sounds fancy such as chicken casserole, or some kind of meat with a fancy name after it, is really just the left over roast and vegies from the day before. Not the most tasty of meals believe me.

    I have never had a problem with the meals.

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    Jul 2004
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    The hospital food wasn't that bad, though I think the breakfast could have been better (instead of the piece of dry toast etc).
    I think whenever I dont have to cook, I appreciate it quite a bit more!

    I have been in hospital many times before and had the menu system, however they forgot to give me the menu/checkbox card when I was in there with Aidyn, so I got what was left over... bugga! #-o

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    Sep 2004
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    I was impressed with the fantastic hospital food for my 8 month old during my stay in the mother-baby unit; freshly prepared pureed meats and veges, baked custard, fresh and pureed fruits, yoghurts - he gobbled them all as if they were delicious!

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    Jun 2004

    hehehehehe... This all reminds me of when my little sis was born (I was in Kinder) and Mum let me steal a whole bunch of those little Vegemites and Jams and Sugar packets hahaha... I had the biggest stash. I remember taking them to school and handing them out to everyone LOL...

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    Aug 2004

    i quite like hospital food too.

    i know at the Angliss you get the menu the night before to choose your next day meals, and it normally consists of;

    breakfast - toast with spreads or fruit
    lunch - soup, sandwiches or salad or hot meal
    dinner - soup, sandwiches or salad or hot meal

    from memory i think you get dessert with lunch and dinner and could be custard, jelly or ice cream.

    the hot meals are yum, things like pasta bakes, casseroles, pies or pastas

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    Jan 2005
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    I went and did a tour on tuesday at our chosen hospital, Freemasons private in Melbourne. The midwife doing the tour raved about the food, and I did see some trolleys going past with some good stuff on it, including wine! I am realy pleased with the fact the kitchen is right there on the same floor, and all meals are made fresh to order. I know one other person who has given birth there and she confirmed the food is great. I think I may need to stay for a while....

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    Oct 2003
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    Our food was pretty ordinary, and I never wanted to eat when it got there. But for breaky there was a common kitchen that was stocked with brekky all day, so fruit, fruit juice, cereals, toast & anything you could want on top of toast, yogurt. And then the other meals were brought to your room. Coffee & tea were in the common room as well. We brought in heaps of frozen lasagne's that I'd made for fall back on yuck food & we also ordered a pizza one day drove the midwives crazy with hunger, so the next day we ordered them one too

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    Just thought I would bump this to see what you girls who gave birth recently were given, am interested to see what I'll be in for.

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    i love hospital food - although i love airline food to lol.

    i was in a private hospital and was also given a menu to choose for the next day usually with 3 or 4 different choices. breakfast was the usual cereal, toast or a hot meal (ie bacon and eggs etc)

    lunch and dinner both consited of a few choices of hot meals and deserts, also with lunch and dinner there was also a choice of plates of sandwiches.

    i ordered sandwiches at every lunch and dinner and kept them in the little fridge in my room for visitors or if i was hungry at any other time of day or night.

    oh i also ordered red wine every night and it came in a little bottle consisting of around 2 glasses of wine (i wouldn't drink it every night) so i bought quite a few bottles home and they came in handy for cooking lol, or a drink if i was desperate (i am not a big drinker lol)

    i also got morning and afternoon tea - usually tea/coffee or soft drink and a little cake. and also supper when they came with tea/coffee or hot chocolate and the yummy cooka's biscuits (like shortbread type bikkie with chocolate and jam)

    my only problem was the meals were to small even though i ordered large servings lol.

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    Apr 2004
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    Hmmmm, can I add my two bits??

    I get to eat hospital food everyday (just about except on the odd day off...) and well, not sure whether I hate it, love it or just got used to it!! We basically get the same as the patients in the staff caff. The rule is if it does not smell like it looks, don't eat it!! I have to say though over the past few years, there has been a substantial imporvement in the appearance and variety we get, so can't really complain. When you are hungry..... The only trouble is they serve it all so early, so we often miss out as the caff closes by about 1:30....

    The private is where we go when we want something really nice - not sure what sort of meals they have for pts, but they sure look after us in the surgical 'relax' room - they give us real coffee facilities, muffins etc for morning tea, sandwiges for lunch and well, I have always missed dinner...

    We are going to the private for the birth so it will be interesting..... might get spoiled....

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    I was in Cabrini in Melbourne, and the food was like ordering from a room service menu in a good hotel. It was quite a change from what I expected, the catering manager at Cabrini was trained in 5-star hotels (I actually had worked with him a few years previously) and was determined to bring hospital food up to the standards that he had served in classy establishments.
    There's a new manager there now, I hope they've kept the same policy when I'm in there this time around!


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    My friend recenlty had her DD at the Mater Private in Brisbane. She said the meals were great. For breaky you got a hot meal - eggs, bacon, tomato toast etc. Mornng tea - cake or cheesecake, tea/coffe, Lunch - hot meal or sandwiches. Afternoon tea - similar to morning tea. Dinner - selection from about 5 plus wine and desert. Meal for DH's provided (at additional cost). She said she could never finish a meal because they were decent portions. She also had tea/coffee making facilities in her room for visitors and herself and she would often put anything she couldn't eat in the fridge in her room and eat it later or reheat it for DH if he was late getting up there.

    She described it like staying in a 5 star hotel!

    Can't wait to go there!!


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    Oct 2004
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    Anyone know what the food is like at Birralee at Box Hill Hospital?

    I'm really just expecting it to be standard fare.