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Thread: How necessary is the gestational diabetes test?

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    I had my 1 hour GTT last week and got a 8.2 (anything over 7.8 you go for the 2hour test). Went for 2 hour test and got 9.2. I have GD.

    I've always been slim, never overweight, no history of diabetes in my family, I am Australian so do not fall into a risk ethnic group and I'm under 30. I've been given an eating plan and the foods on it i ALREADY eat which is strange, but it can also come down to serving size and ultimately it is to do with insulin production. Some people's body apparently just can't keep up no matter your shape, size, history etc.

    Just goes to show you that even healthy eating (I do not eat sweets or junk food and didn't before or during PG), you are still at risk of GD.

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    My very slim, very healthy vegetarian friend had GD with her first pregnancy, she was able to manage it with diet but had to be very very careful. She had no other indicators. (luckily she didn't have it with her second pregnancy).

    Another friend, who's also slim and healthy, had it with her last pregnancy, she had to have insulin. She was over 40 though.

    I would have the test. I know that it seems sometimes they are "over testing", but so many of them have saved lives that it is worth having.

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