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Thread: Worried about 2hr GD Test

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    Default Worried about 2hr GD Test

    Hi all

    Last week I did the 1hr glucose test where you drink that horrible sweet drink and have a blood test an hour later. I'm 29 wks and still suffer bad morning sickness, doing the test made me feel really sick. I was so afraid to vomit in public, especially with a weak bladder. Now I have to do the 2 hr test and have to fast and drink a stronger drink. I dont know how I'm going to do it without being sick everywhere. Does anyone know what happens if you can't do this test? Is there another way you can be tested for GD?

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    With my first pg i had to do the 2 hr test as well....but it was the same drink, nothing different.
    My dr allowed me to sit in another room with a loo and a bucket on hand.

    Not sure on other ways to do the test.....but its worth it. Id speak to your dr and see what he/she thinks is best to approach it.

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    when i had mine they offered me a seperate room with a bed to lie down on - just mention it & im sure they will do their best to help you

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    I would just ring and check before you go in, explain the situation and ask them if you can be somewhere near a toilet with a bucket on hand JIC, if the place conducting the test cant help maybe just talk to your Dr. and find out what else (if anything) can be done. Good Luck

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    Same here, was allowed to use a room to lie down if I didn't feel very well. I just took a book to read to take my mind off my swirling stomach and the fact I was starving.

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    I didn't have to do the 2 hour test...just drink the drink and get tested an hour after. I felt no adverse glucose levels thankfully were fine. If I had to fast I think I would've ended up biting someone.

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    Thank you so much for your replies guys. I rang my Ob's office and expressed my concern and I was told if I can't get the test done I may have to be treated as If I have GD. I'll try my best though, my husband will be there to keep me company, so that makes me feel a lot better already. Its horrible feeling sick this far into the pregnancy still...

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    casscart, you poor thing.

    i had my 1 hour test on monday and thankfully results were fine. i felt a bit icky like you though.

    i am so sure that they will be able to accommodate you honey if you ask to lie down for the 2 hours and have a bucket on hand.

    just think, it's 2 hours and then you'll be home with DH and feeling better afterward.

    i am 29 weeks pregnant too! when are you due?


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    I couldn't drink the drink (it had wheat in it, and I'm wheat/gluten intolerant) so I did the 8 hour fast and blood test instead

    See if that's an alternative if you still have troubles

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    Hi bindy - I'm due around 28 Dec. I had the 2hr test this morning, it was horrible but I did get through it. My DH was great, he stayed with me and that made all the difference I think. I hope I don't have to do it again.

    Hi Tracey - The way you did it doesn't sound as bad. I wish I did it that way as I had to fast for 10 hrs anyway and have 3 blood tests. After drinking that drink again today I don't think I will touch another soft drink again.

    I'm so glad its over

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    Glad to hear that you got through it ok. I think the key is to have it icey cold. My last one wasnt even put in the fridge so it was quite warm and I think this made it 10 times worse. Next time I will be calling them to make sure mine is in the coldest part of the fridge because I LOVED cold things when I was preg.

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