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    *TamaraP* Guest

    Just wondering, Mods if possible could we make this a little section??
    I think this would be a great support thread just wondering.

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    BellyBelly Member
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    Oct 2005
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    was just having a peek

    Barb just wanted to say Target have some great larger size maternity pretty too, around the $35 mark in up to E etc

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    Lee33 Guest

    It is great that we are hearing the positive stories too. In all the reading I did while we were TTC, the message was always, 'if you are overweight, try to get down to your ideal weight before TTC.' I read about how it might be harder for us to conceive because I am overweight, how the pregnancy would be harder, etc, etc. It scared me, and started making me doubt my ability to conceive. After 6 months trying we went back to my GP, who ordered blood tests to check whether I was ovulating, and it was at this point she suggested I try to lose a few kg's to see if that helped. So just as Im beginning to attempt losing weight, I conceive the very next month!!!!
    So my body is obviously working OK despite being overweight!!! Now I just have to maintain the pregnancy in the best way for me and baby.
    We are trying to keep my weight gain to a minimum, so I am doing my best to eat a healthy balanced diet, and trying not to eat too much more than usual!

    One thing my GP did mention, was that if I needed to have a cesarean, the healing process would take longer because of the fat over my abdomen?? Has anyone experienced this?

    kaety, thankyou very much for your offer, I would appreciate any support I can get!

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    Jun 2005
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    I was classified high risk and was sent off to one of the best obst in Vic to have my treatment ( also prev preg problems)...I did end up with gest diabetes and needed to inject a large amount of insulin 5 times a day but this was nothing to my obst, he told me that little mini's get it too and although the weight was a contributiting factor , blood pressure was ok
    I had an elective c-sect, my scar has disappeared there is no redness and I felt good 2 days after the procedure, it then got abit of working out as I had to then travel 70km as DD was still in hospital nothing to do with my weight. I put on 4 kilos the whole pregnancy and was on bedrest with no excercise....so that was an up side, left hospital lighter than what I weighed at my 10 week check..lol..
    Yahh have a baby and loose weight!. I think if I have 50 babies I might be in the reccomended weight for my height. Who needs weight watchers

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005
    Bunbury, WA

    Yahh have a baby and loose weight!. I think if I have 50 babies I might be in the reccomended weight for my height. Who needs weight watchers
    aww you made me laugh!!

    Ok since were all mentioning 'ideal weights' etc.. has anyone else noticed.. for my BMI ideal weight.. even being short.. id have to be a stick figure to weight that weight.. with no boobs either im sure. Maybe if we all take our 'ideal weights' (BMI wise etc) and added 10kg.. we might be better off.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2004
    Outer East, Melbourne

    Hi - will need to check out target this week for the over the shoulder boulder holders. I might get one decent ones and a coupla cheapies.

    I asked my doctor about weight gain effecting conceiving when we had had no success after 10 months and he said unless it was a sudden gain or loss it should not have an effect. I also had referals for the ovulation blood tests, the first one came back that I didn't ovulate that month, the next one was due on easter sunday or labour day or something so I didn't go and we conceived that month !!


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    Aug 2005

    Hi Ladies,

    Just thought I'd put my 2 cents in. I started my 1st pregnancy at 97kg, which really shocked me, coz I hadn't weighed myself in about 2 years. Anyway, that was at about 6wks. I didn't go back to my GP until 16 wks, and found I had lost 7kg. I wasn't sick at all, but found I didn't feel like fried foods or takeout, or other 'junk' food, soft drink etc. It wasn't a concious decision not to eat it, just didn't feel like it. It was enough of a change in my diet to make me lose weight in those first weeks.

    Anyway, went on to have a perfectly normal pregnancy I put on about 5kg from my starting weight. My blood pressure was slightly high, but it was consistent during my whole pregnancy, so the doc didn't seem to worry. It wasn't until my last appt on my due date that my blood pressure was really high and they booked me in that night to induce me. Personally I think my BP was high coz the doc had just said I would be waiting AT LEAST another week and I didn't want to!!!

    Moral of the story, it doesn't have to be a drama to be pregnant and overweight. As long as you are looking after yourself and your baby, you should just enjoy your pregnancy and the beautiful baby you have in your arms at the end of it!


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    Lee33 Guest

    Great to hear such positive pregnancy stories!

    How far along were you all when you first felt your baby kick??

    Im 12 weeks now, and from what my Dr has said, it could be a while yet before I feel my baby.

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    Oct 2004
    In my Zombie proof fortress.

    I started off a bit overweight for me, but a lot according to the good old BMI. I was 83kg at 6 weeks. The first OB I saw was really nasty about it, would not let me do share care or Family Birth Centre. She said that the baby would not develop properly. I was in tears Anyway I went to the FBC anyway, they had no trouble accepting me and they never weighed me. My pregnancy was fine, not high blood pressure etc. I did gain a lot of weight though, pregnancy made me sooo hungry.
    The birth was a different story, after a long attempt at a natural child birth I ended up having an emergency c-section, which was nothing to do with my weight. Recovery was difficult, but that was more due to the fact that the c-section was complicated due to bubs being stuck in the birth canal. My tummy is still quite flabby, but then again I have not attempted to do to much about it.

    As for maternity clothes I found Target ok, and the bras are fine. For a really good bra I had to spend some money, the Triumph ones are pretty good, especially when properly fitted. I wear the cheaper ones around the house and save the better ones for going out the front door as I look better in them. Just a warning about maternity pants, they can be a bit thin in the thighs, I found the jeans from 1626 to be quite good as the denim has a some stretch in it and they have good thigh room. The Ripe brand can go quite large, but it is hard to find a store that will stock XXL and up. I actually found some good stuff when I was in Tassie of all places.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
    near the water

    I didn't feel a kick till about 20 weeks, scared the bejesuses out of me!
    Never really had the uncomfortable legs poking out, too much padding I suppose. Hee My Obst you to say to me "you can hop on the scales if you like" Hmm I alsways said No Thanks..lol

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    Melinda Guest

    I was 13w when I felt Jacob move!!! A lot of people find this hard to believe, but it's true! It was a very distinct bubbly feeling!!! I've never really been big around the middle though, perhaps this is why?

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    Jun 2003

    I don't think it matters on the inside what you feel, its moreso on the outside iykwim. Inside I'm pretty sure we're all the same. But I do know that having a "thicker lining" as the sonographers like to call it LOL can make seeing things early more difficult. And in this case bubs was up high so it was almost impossible to get pictures as good as the ones we have with Paris. So partly because I'm bigger and partly because of the position iykwim. But as for feeling, I think that also has to do with the position they are in, and where the placenta lies.


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    Lee33 Guest

    Thankyou for sharing when you first felt your babies move. Very re-assuring for me. So I guess I should be on the 'lookout' for movement anytime then! Each night I lay very still in bed just focussing on my abdomen and baby, and cant wait until I feel movement.

    Cailin, very true, we are all the same on the inside!!
    Im having my screening ultrasound on Thursday, and even though I will be 12w5d I was told that I may still need a transvaginal u/s to ensure a clearer picture. oh well, I dont mind as long as I get to see a healthy baby in there !

    I havent come across any negative comments about my weight yet, but hoping that if I do I will have the 'balls' to be able to deal with it.

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    paradise lost Guest

    HI Lee,

    just wanted to throw my 2 pence (in the UK LOL) in...

    I am 5 foot 11 ish and weigh around 93-95kg (depending on whos scales they weigh me on). I am currently about 1.5kg lighter than pre-pregnancy (i'm nearly 17 weeks). I haven't lost or gained since i got pg, though clearly i am very slowly losing since the baby is very slowly growing.

    My GP wanted to put me in as "high risk" but sadly (for him) in the UK women have a legal right to birth at home, no matter what. So unless i become so ill that they section me under the mental health act to force me to go in to hospital, i can have my baby where i want.

    My blood pressure is a little high, but, being big and tall anyway, it was never "normal", and it isn;t actually what is medically recognised as HIGH, just a little closer than normal. Last appt it was 142/83, but i am pretty sure that was white coat high blood pressure since i had been running around the hospital and worrying about fighting for my homebirth for 2 hours.

    I feel fine, no water retention, no pains to speak of. I felt movement at around 15 weeks and though it is still rare a fortnight on, when it happens it is definitely the baby! I look pregnant in maternity gear but just a little pudgier round the belly in normal clothes.

    Anyway, my advice is worry not a bit and IGNORE all those know-all white coats who tell you you will be ill - remember they are DOCTORS - they ONLY see ill women. The healthy ones birth their babies in safety and joy with a midwife.


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    tiggy Guest

    What a wonderful thing to say! I agree whole heartedly!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Dec 2004
    Laa Laa Land

    I just read this post... great too know that there are ckickies out there that are 'bigger' I am curently a size 18-20 and am in the process of losing some weight... I really want to get under 100kgs before i fall pg, but saying that I want to fall pg NOW~! hehehe...

    I think that it would be a great Idea to have a Big Girls Forum...

    Good Luck to all... hope I can join you with the pg bit!!!


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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005

    I was 92kgs when fell pregnant I am now 39weeks and have only put on 8 kgs. I don't think it matters what size you are as long as you are eating correctly for you and your unborn baby. I also found Target great for maternity clothes.


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    Baby_Crazy05 Guest

    I'm also reassured that there are some "larger" ladies out there who are currently pregnant. I think I'm the heaviest here (horribly admitting to currently 121kg, though that's 3-4 kilos lighter than when we found out we were pregnant a few weeks ago!)

    I'm a little concerned I guess ... my blood pressure was a little high when I saw the dr a few weeks ago, but have to have it checked again next week when I see my gyno. I had extremely high blood pressure a couple of years ago (160 over something!!) so I'm a bit worried with that respect.

    But we have our first u/s today!! so am nervous, excited and looking forward to making sure our little bub is healthy and ok.

    Good luck to everyone!

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