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thread: Larger pregnant women...

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    Lee33 Guest

    Larger pregnant women...

    I am a larger woman (a size 20-22) and 11 weeks pregnant.

    Was just wondering if there are any other larger pregnant women on this forum who would be happy to share their pregnancy experiences with me?

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    Pietta Guest

    Im not preg now- unfortunately- but would be happy to share anything!! Ask away!! I am also a size 20-22

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    Custardtart Guest

    Hi Lee,
    I'm curious - why do you think it makes a difference in pregnancy what size you are? The only thing I noticed about being a little overweight was that I gained less weight than average during the pregnancy, and actually ended up a few kilos lighter after I had the baby.


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    Registered User

    Nov 2004

    I weigh over 100kg and am a size 18-22....when I was pregnant I managed to not put on any weight - I found I just ate normally. Worst thing was trying to get maternity clothes.....Clothing manufacturers obviously don't think bigger women get pregnant - I mean who would sleep with us we are so unattractive :evil:

    Ok vent over

    Congratulations on being pregnant \/ Enjoy it

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    Registered User

    Aug 2004

    I'm not overly large, though a fiar bit overweight. I got up to about 92-3ishkg full term (actually term+11days )
    They only thing I can suggest is ensure you have a ob or Dr that you are very comfortable with. The last thing you need while you are cooking a baby is worrying about what someone thinks about your body during exams. Some drs are brilliant! No matter what happens to your tummy (ie stretchmarks, flab etc) they will say you are looking gorgeous!

    Target/K Mart are better places for preggie clothes I think for larger people, although in saying that there is a fairly good chance you wont need pg clothes for a while.

    Also, you might find that you dont feel pregnant - that is you are not sporting a great big bump out the front so people say "How many months are you". This happens to alot of people, and its not only us that are overweight. I didn't look pregnant until I was close to 6 months, and its sad when people looked at me like I was pudgy, not pregnant.
    Know that you are gorgeous, and you're doing a great thing having a baby, whether you are one of these lucky people to have a basketball or not!

    Finally, drink plenty of water, keep an eye on your blood pressure, and watch your diet - you dont want to get diabetes as well.

    Have a happy and healthy pregnancy! Congrats to you!


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    *TamaraP* Guest

    Lee - I think this is a great idea...

    I am also quite large and sitting at around size18 at the moment. My mum is going to make a lot of my maternity clothing which will be a help...

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    Registered User

    Mar 2005
    Bunbury, WA

    I guess its just like a couple of people have said.. you need to make sure you drink water, watch blood pressure etc...

    More weight can mean more risk of blood pressure problems or other problems.. and just the strain of everyday work is more when your pregnant and more when your overweight, so I guess adding the 2 makes double the strain again. (Shannon mentioned ankles etc)

    I guess thats why over weight women can be classed as high risk for a homebirth etc.. they dont want to take the risk.. (Note to self: must lose at least 20kgs b4 pregnancy)..

    I have enough trouble with clothes now as an 18/20!.. let alone pregnancy.

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    *TamaraP* Guest

    I am pretty luck in the sense Kirbay that most of my weight is muscle thanks to my job...I lift well used to before little one started to grow up to 150+ KG a day of flour... so you could just imagine my back muscles.

    My blood pressure is normal and everything else is. I think I just need to drink more water...I hate water... ](*,)

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    Lee33 Guest

    Thankyou for your responses! I was beginning to feel a little lonely... but reassuring to know there are other overweight women on this forum who have done the pregnancy thing whom I can ask questions!

    I do think being pregnant while overweight is a slightly different experience to being pregnant while a 'normal' (I hate the term normal, but hope you all understand what I mean) weight. I have a wonderful GP looking after me, she has advised me to keep my weight gain to a minimum, and that I am at a higher risk of gestational diabetes. I am doing shared care with the Womens and Childrens Hospital (Adelaide) and do not have my first appt with them until I am 19 weeks. It will be at this appt that they will decide whether I will be categorized as 'high risk'. At this point, my health is perfect, apart from my weight.

    My main question is - when will I show? I had a feeling that being bigger it would take a while for me to get a noticeable baby bump. Will I actually look pregnant, or will I just look bigger in general?
    Also, does it take longer to feel the baby moving for the first time?

    AHGGG maternity clothes! Not looking forward to that, lol. Good to know it may be a while yet before I will need any. Perhaps I will be able to get away with buying a size or two bigger than usual??

    Yep, guzzling away at the water!

    Again, thankyou so much for responding to my post. It is great to know I have somewhere to come with my questions!

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    Registered User

    Aug 2004

    Maybe you need to get a couple of shirts printed up saying funny things like "I may be chubby, but I'm also pregnant" or "Go on, ask me how many months I am" or Cooking a big bundle of love".

    At least wearing something like that, people will know you are preggers! As for showing, it is really different for everyone. I managed to stay in pretty much my normal size until about 24 weeks, and then I had to buy preggie stuff. As soon as you start wearing preggies stuff, you start looking pregnant. They are very obvious!

    Great that you are shared care with a supportive dr. I really enjoyed being shared care, and I feel that my daughter has a special bond with our GP.


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    tiggy Guest

    When I had my first babies, i started at 100kgs.
    I found I didn't start showing until around six months. Finding maternity clothes was awful and my mum made alot. The worst thing for me was the discrimination from the doctors and the rudeness of some of them.
    When I was pg with my third daughter, I was heavier again and I kept a really low profile.

    With my last pregnancy and this one, I have lost quite a bit of weight but I still worry, when I get to term what others think of me. They will tell you that you are high risk and are at risk of gestational diabetes but that was never a problem for me. My BP played up a bit in the end.

    All I can say is enjoy your pregnancy and do what is right for you!

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    Lee33 Guest

    I am scared that I will be labelled as high risk, and if the hospital does that, it means I can no longer use shared care with my GP
    All my appts will then have to be at the hospital, which I dont want as I wont know any of the doctors/midwives there! At least my GP knows me and I feel comfortable with her, and I know she would be a good advocate for me if needed (if I experience any discrimination, for example)

    As long as I keep reading and researching, it will help keep me informed, and I will hopefully be aware of my options, so that if a Dr says I must do something that I feel uncomfortable with, I can turn around and tell him what I want to do!! Hope that makes sense....?

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    Registered User

    Apr 2004
    Outer East, Melbourne

    Hi - I was just on 100 when I became pregnant earlier this year. My doctor does not weigh, so I don't know what I am now. I don't think I've put on much because for the first few months, I could not handle chocolate or fried food.

    I just wanna find a maternity bra in a E cup for under $65 ! I bought a super reduced marked down one at Myer last time for around $17 and have been holding my breath for another one this time ! No such luck. And decent undies !

    The hospital where I'm going has a cut off of 130kg at the start of pregnancy - after that there are issues with anethtist liability and whatever.

    For clothes - there is this INSANE maternity wear shop in Melb - I bought size 20 jeans last time for $20. Almost everything is under $20. I've lived in trackies and maternity tshirts this time. I like to op shop and have bought a few larger size tops and skirts for next to nothing there. Pants are a bit harder, cos they just hang down and don't look good, but larger sized skirts and tops work.

    I'm 7.5 months now, and the bump disappears when I sit down, dunno where he goes, into my backside, perhaps ?

    Also - my blood pressure has dropped since becoming pregnant, did last time as well and my diabetes reading was 6 and under both times.
    My iron levels are low though.


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    kerry Guest

    Barb, Berli make a maternity bra in an E, F & G cup for about $50-$55. I'm normally a DD but at 10 weeks I found that I was hanging out of all my bras so bit the bullet. I got my first 2 at a shop called Bras & Things at Werribee Plaza for $49.95... they are not the most attractive but super comfortable and I have had much less breast pain since getting them.

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    Registered User

    Mar 2005
    Bunbury, WA

    A couple of people have mentioned not having those overweight associated problems (meaning more at risk... things like gestational diabetes and high blood pressure) I love hearing these positive things.. I guess the scare tactics etc make you think 'If im overweight, im automatically gonna have these problems' (like as women and mothers/mothers-to-be we dont have enough things to feel guilty about).

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    *TamaraP* Guest

    DH aunt is quite a large woman and has had 4 beautiful children and she was never put in the "high risk" factor. I am afraid they will do it to me. I know I ain't skinny, but a lot my weight is muscle, like they are going to believe me??!?!?!

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    Melinda Guest

    I was 86kg when Jacob was conceived and I didn't have a problem with my blood pressure or gestational diabetes at all.

    I retained STACKS of fluid though (I gained 17.5kg!!) and got carpal tunnel syndrome as a result! I remember mentioning my weight gain to my OB (who didn't weigh me at all during my PG) who said to me that weight gain (or even weight loss) during PG is of little importance (unless it is associated with other things like high blood pressure etc etc) - the main thing is that the baby is growing as it should. He also told me how I'd be surprised how much of the weight I had gained was actually fluid - and he was absolutely right. Only a few weeks after Jacob was born, I had lost all of that weight, bar 2kg.......no wonder I had puffed up like a balloon!!!

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    Registered User

    Aug 2003
    Redcliffe Peninsula (Brisbane)

    Hi Lee33

    I am 34 yrs old and 8 weeks pregnant with a starting weight of 103 kgs.

    This is my second pregnancy and had gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy so I have heard a lot about high risk.

    I am now not only diabetic but also they cant tellif its gestational as at my 12month test I WASNT diabetic but 10months later at 5.5 weeks pregnant I was showing diabetes.

    So this time around I am already considered HIGH risk... but wait theres more LOL they sent me in for a ultrasound to check bubs due to the diabetes and tell me im expecting twins... now apparently Im VERY HIGH risk?

    Either way, Adelaide Womens and Childrens is one of the better places in Australia to be cared for an honestly I think I might prefer there to my local hospital. Despite the team locally being excellent last time around.
    I am in a secondary hospital (tertiary being the big ones like AWCH and Royal Brisbane Women and Childrens (I am currently in Brisbane area) but I grew up in Adelaide for 23yrs.

    I agree on the maternity clothes thing.. last time around I wore ugly sack type shapeless dresses cos it was all I could find. I have already told my other half I wont do that this time!

    Goodluck with everything and pleeeeease Message me and add me to buddys or MSN if you like! I am more than happy to help support you as without Bellybelly I would have freaked out in my first pregnancy esp once I got the GD.

    Lots of Luck



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