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Thread: Leaking boobs, well not!

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    Default Leaking boobs, well not!

    when i was pg with makon i started leaking colostrum at about 17 weeks im now 21 weeks and nothing!?
    does this mean my milk will take longer to come in or is it nothing??
    anyones thoughts?

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    Ellissa, Every PG is different in this regard. I never had any colostrum at all in PG, but my milk came in fine - the hormones etc associated with birth and the stimulation your little one's sucking will bring your milk in just fine.

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    Hi Ellibugs
    Everything is fine. Some women never leak before the baby is born. Your body is very cleaver it knos hat sort of milk your baby needs and ho milk it needs. At the moment your baby does not need milk so your body is only producing a very small amount. After your baby is born your bady will make as much milk as your baby needs

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