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Thread: Morphology/sexing scan..& fundal height?

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    Default Morphology/sexing scan..& fundal height?

    Hey there,

    I'm in a bit of a dilemma with the timing of my 19-20 wk scan. This falls over the Christmas/new year period. I had booked in for early January, just after 20 wks, but I cannot get anyone to watch my kids in this time. The scan place is quite a long drive from here and they don't welcome children as young as mine.

    This means, the only other time I can get it done is while they are still at school, the date I can go means I'll be only 17and a half weeks along. I don't mind getting it earlier because I have had a constant fluid leak (which doc is sure is hind waters) which was also going to be checked out on the scan and it would certainly ease my mind if I was getting this done a lot sooner.

    I am concerned as this scan is very pricey that I might have to go back and get another if they can't get the pictures. ANd also, it is important to me that I know the sex of the baby for various (mainly financial) reasons and I'm worried this may be too early.

    My fundal height at now (15 wks) is just above my belly button, which is another thing I'm confused about. According to my book, it should be well below my belly button at this stage, about 6cm below it says. Mine is 1cm above my GP/OB said. This is almost making me think that this liquor leak is because maybe I've got too much amniotic fluid?!

    So my questions are:
    -Does anyone know if the sex can be told at 17-18 weeks?
    -Anyone have a fundal height above their belly button at 15 weeks?

    Thankyou for putting up with my neverending worried questions

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    With #2 my uterus was also above my bellybutton around 15-16 weeks. Appaerently i had a lot of fluid in there which was probably why i always looked so big. Not sure about your other question tho sorry.

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Tara - I'm sure a couple of people on here have found out the gender of their baby earlier than that? But I guess it does depend on the view of the baby.
    Why are you paying for your scans?
    Do they have some kind of short-term day care centre where you are going? I know most hospitals have a place where you can take kids to be looked after while you are at your appointment... but I guess that's not an option if you aren't going to the hospital.
    I'd really speak to your Dr. about all these issues. Maybe there's something he/she can organise?

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    Hi Tara
    Re your fundal height - I heard that it can depend on exactly where your bellybutton is located in relation to the rest of your anatomy - some people's can be higher or lower than others. Maybe you're also expanding faster as it's not a first pregnancy? I'm sure your Dr would have said something if it was something to be concerned about but why not give him/her a call to set your mind at ease.

    I know a number of people have not been able to have gender determined at their morphology scan due bubs positioning and others who weren't able to tell with any level of certainty. I see this is important to you but maybe you need to weigh up which has the higher priority - getting the fluid checked sooner rather than later or trying to find out the gender. It would be really sad to see you continue to worry about your fluid levels whilst hanging out for the later date which may or may not deliver the news you're after.

    Re cost - is there a hospital clinic you can get your tests done at rather than a private u/s provider?

    Hang in there!

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    Thanks girls for your replies.

    I know fundal height isn't really accurate measurement, I guess I'm looking for a *good* reason for this liquor loss.

    I've only lived here for 2 years, I had babies in another state previously. I was not given the free option for a scan. I am booked in at the pubic hospital, but they won't even see me until after I have the morphology scan done, or 22 weeks. I don't know if I heard correctly, but when I rang up about the liquor loss as I was unconfident with my GP handling it, they said they don't even see women in emergency till 18 weeks, before that your doctor deals with it. My doctor gave me a list of 3 places for my scan, ALL of these places are $135 out of pocket for the scan, a total of $235 dollars before medicare rebate.

    Blackbird, The reason why I'm funny about booking in early is because the receptionist was really reluctant to do so as I wasn't 19-20 weeks. She said that the OB doesn't like doing them before that time...I told her about the liquor loss, she said that's fine that I can come in early, but expect it might be a waste of time and money because it's 2 weeks too early.

    I'm wondering why the doctor just doesn't send me for a scan now to check the liquor, but he was saying to just wait till the 20 weeks one and be on bedrest till's a big ask at the moment over Christmas and I've had to leave work once again (I mow lawns for a living) plus I have 2 other children. I don't mind the rest if it will help bubs, but I don't see the point sitting like this and waiting 5 weeks before knowing what's going on.

    I'm seeing him again on Tuesday as I have had a largish loss again today and I think this will end up sending me crazy if I wait.
    Thanks heaps for your advice.

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Tara - I'm sorry but that's not good enough. I don't understand why your GP is so reluctant to get you all checked out properly. Can you see someone else? Maybe even take yourself into a hospital and demand a scan. In a public hospital they should be free!! It's not like you want it done for the hek of it!

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    i had my scan 2 weeks ago & going by my dates & my nuchal scan i thought i was 18w 6d but at the scan with the measurements was told i was only 17w 4d - i asked if i had to come back & she said no cause it was close enough to the time frame - i tried to find out the sex but the baby wouldnt open its legs!!
    good luck

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    chelleg Guest


    Tara, if you are having your baby at the John Hunter, we frequently see women before their morphology scan, and frequently give women the referrals for the scans. There are several operators in the hunter that will bulk bill and it's just a matter of getting a referral. Do you live up the bay way? If you do, i know for sure that hunter imaging at Raymon Terrace bulk bill so perhaps you could call them, explain the situation and see if they will do the scan with the referral that your GP has written out for you.

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    Hi Tanya, I don't see why they wouldn't be able to do the measurements at 17wks I think most of them are about measuring length etc and telling you if they are the right length for dates aren't they. As for finding out the sex we tried at 19wks and couldn't see, in fact OB does a scan at each appointment and couldn't tell until 26wks,

    We have always had to pay for our scans as well. Have you booked into a hospital yet? Could you ring them and tell them you are worried about the loss and see if they can help.

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    Tara - just so you know I had a scan at 17 and a half weeks and it was too early for them to get all the information they needed for the morphology report. Apparently the measurements etc they needed was not properly formed until after at least 18 weeks. The morphology scan at my hospital was meant to be done at 20 weeks plus. It'd be worse for you to book early and then have to return for another scan anyway!


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    Chelleg, I rang them and explained my problem (that the doctor thinks I have a hind water leak) and asked if I could come in for them to confirm as I can't wait 5 weeks and take time off work if that's not what it is, plus I'm going crazy with worry and it could be unecessary. They clearly said they don't see women until 18 weeks, and if my scan's booked to wait till after then (my original scan booked in 5 weeks). The lady said to go back to my doctor and he will deal with it till then as he is supposed to (sharecare). I rang them as I don't feel confident in my GP dealing with a amniotic fluid leak if this is indeed what it is, and I thought maybe they could use those swab things to check for sure..

    I think what I'll do is see the doctor this week and ask for an earlier scan referral to check the fluid. I'll tell him I don't want to wait till my morph scan, and I am seeing it's pointless for me to get the actual morph scan done earlier than the original 20 weeks I had. I'll ask for one of the bulk billing scans just to check the fluid in the meantime. *TMI** I stayed off my feet yesterday and still had fluid leaking to the point I had to change my pants a few times, so I'm feeling this is not okay to rest and see what happens.

    I'm having 18 people here on Christmas day, and I need to know what's happening before then, I don't want to deal with the stress of that if I'm having an amniotic leak, they can have it somewhere else.

    Just things like this are making me realize I am within my rights to get this checked's too much to ask me to wait till the morph scan.

    Thankyou heaps for your advice and replies.

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    I found out the sex of this baby at 16wks but i know some places don't like to say then what the sex is and they are not always right until you are past 18wks.

    If you are worried about the leak then go to A&E to be checked out they will send you for a scan then and they will see you. Also that scan you shouldn't have to pay for.

    As for doing all the checks they do at 19-20wks i would wait as you might have to go back as they won't get a good view of the babies heart working and that is one of the main things they look for.
    I had mine done twice with Kimberley as i was only 19wks and twice with this baby and i had it around 19wks then as well.

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    know for sure that hunter imaging at Raymon Terrace bulk bill
    is that just for the 20wk scan? coz when i went there for an earlier scan I wasnt bulk billed... I then had the 20week scan at maitland hospital (where im having bubs) so I knew for sure Id be bulk billed..

    I would be demanding to be checked over re the fluid leak and for an ultrasound.. if your here in newcastle and up around this way Id recomend seeing dr sonia nightingale at the raymond terrace family surgery, Shes pregnant herself and is very good with pregnancy issues..

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    chelleg Guest


    Hey mouse, they should bulk bill there becasue 'Hunter Imaging' is under the umbrella of the health servie and therefore should be covered by medicare.

    Tara, sorry i must have misunderstood, i thought you were saying the clinic wouldn't see you before 18 weeks - but are you talking about Delivery Suite? Many booking in visits are done way before 18 weeks - some as early as 12 weeks and it is at these visits we give the women the forms for their bloods and for the morphology scans. We have a few places we can get scans done including public and private.

    I wish you all the best and hope you get it all sorted before christmas

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    I just wanted to say i hope everything is ok and that you get the leak checked out! If your dr wont give you a referral i would go to A&E and get one.
    Keep us posted....

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    Chelleg, I'm not sure where it was. I just rang JHH, told them my problem, they put me through to a midwife, I asked her if I could come in and get checked, and she told me GP's handle it till 18 weeks, they don't see women under 18 weeks there. I've not gone to the hospital yet, I don't even know where it is, so I'm not familiar with the procedure. I thought that sounded a bit wrong though, and it upset me.

    That reason is why I havent' gone to A & E, as well as that it being so far away and I've got no one to watch my children at the moment, especially since my youngest has now come down with chicken pox.

    I'm seeing my GP in the morning and I'm going to ask to get something to follow it up. HUnter imaging doesn't bulk bill under 12 weeks, but hopefully they do after. I've got one over this side of the bay so I'll see if I can get in there.

    Thanks Chelle and everyone else for your advice and wishes.

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    I had my morphology scan booked for right on 18 weeks. The sonographer took one look and said, sorry you'll have to come back in a week or two as I don't think the readings will be accurate and bubs needs to grow a bit. I went back at 20 weeks for that scan. I'm pretty sure you can go for that scan anytime between 18-22 going in early January an option? If you're eager to know the sex of the baby, perhaps it would be better to go later rather than sooner?

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    pholmes Guest


    Hi Tara,

    If you are really worried you could always turn up at A&E. They wont turn you away, you must have been put through to delivery suite when you first rang the hospital and they probably wouldnt see you until after 18 weeks. It sounds very stressful for you and I wish you luck. If you go to A&E and are really worried about the leak, they should be able to refer you for an ultrasound within the hosp. If not they should be able to organise one and book it in for you. I would start to be a little more assertive if zi were you. All the best.

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