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    Hey again

    Ive heard of a doula now and very interested in what the job entitles. But now i was thinkin for like plannin ideas, maybe i could do a pregnancy massage course after the doula one to help relieve stress and pain. I was going to ask what do pregnant women think could help your time, such as massages? Beauty therapy?

    Im asking EVERYONE!!!

    What would YOU like/preffered during your pregnancy??

    Just list em I'd love to plan my career out now

    And give the "to-be mum" a wonderful pregnancy experience!!
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    I had a massage every 2 weeks (from abt 16 wks) and this was great for relaxation and getting rid of aches and pains... i also think it prepared my body for the birth
    I also did prenatal yoga each week and swam most days
    Facials and pedicures also seem popular
    hope that helps

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    Well, we are going with a doula, and I also have a massage therapist who specialises in pregnancy massage (got a massage this arvo YAY!) and who is going to help in labour... I would definately love a doula who had pregnancy massage experience, even aromatherapy too for relaxation especially during labour... I think what you could do is start reading a few natural birthing books (like Birth Skills by Juju Sundin) and have a look at some of the things that can help during labour and maybe focus on some of those...?

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