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Thread: Newborn Photographer Melbourne?

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    Default Newborn Photographer Melbourne?

    Hi Ladies,

    Just wondering who had photos taken of their bub within the first ten days?
    Can you recommend someone?
    I want natural looking photos of bubs naked sleeping etc.
    Has anyone used Kristen Cook?
    What sort of price should I expect to pay?

    Think i'll post this under the baby section too

    Thanks ladies

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    ChrissyT did DS2 newborn pics and they are awesome!!!!!!!! He was less than 2 weeks old. (we also used her for pics when DS1 was 3 months old and mat pics.

    She is a BB marketplace member.

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    I think ~Raven~ does them too...the ones I've seen of hers in the past are pretty awesome.

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    Susan D'Arcy does really, really beautiful newborn shots. Usually at 2 weeks, but that's to give the family time to settle in and have a bit of a babymoon - I'm sure she'd do sooner, cos she likes to get them before they start to stretch out She works in B&W unless otherwise specified, and as much as that sounds restrictive, the results are truly sublime and quite timeless. She's flexible, too - I had an idea for a photo and it turned out much better than it was in my head because it combined my idea and her skill. It was DD crouched naked, sleeping, on my old leather saddle, mounted on a new lambskin, resting on Susan's beanbag. It's a forever shot!

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