thread: nickname for unborn baby

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    Feb 2005
    Mid North Coast NSW

    nickname for unborn baby

    i was just wondering what everyone refers to their babies as? i guess if you know the sex you can use their name, but does anyone have any nicknames?

    here is ours...right from the start DH started calling it "speck" because i would read to him in the books that it was only 2cm long etc. obviously now bub is a lot bigger than that, but the name has stuck..

    anyone else?


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    SmallNads Guest

    I'm not even pregnant yet but we've already starting referring to him/her as Cookie (as in Cookie Monster)

    Don't know how that came about...

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    Mar 2004

    Yasin was Peanut because he looked just like a peanut in his first ultrasound. This one is Meeny (ancient briton for number 2) and since this mornings ultrasound (when we noticed its amazing resemblence to small blob) its also been blobby.

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    Melinda Guest

    I often referred to Jacob as "little tiger" or "little one" whilst PG.

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    Oct 2004
    Back in Brisvegas :)

    Madeline was 'Squishy' up until Monday just passed when we found out it's likely she's a girl.

    (ie. Squishy from 'Finding Nemo')

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    Mar 2005


    Pathetic, but it was" Matey" 4 both #-o silly hey!

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    Feb 2005
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    they are all good!!!

    i knew everyone must use different names!!


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    May 2004

    Jack was the littlest evans. This time around it is B1 & B2 Thanks to Dach !! On the first u/s they do look like blobs, might have to have a name change in a couple of weeks!!

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    May 2004

    I have called this one little bean or little one or bubs. I really don't have a definite nickname for he/she.

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    When I first conceived DH and I would call bubs, Jelly Bean and this continued on until about 15 weeks when we saw the u/s and changed it to Jelly Baby. Now I just say "bubs" or "my sweety". I know it's a girl but even though I'm pretty sure we have the name I'll still wait until she's born before referring to her as such, just in case I look at her and think "no that name doesn't suit".

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    Jun 2005

    We call ours baby v because our surname begins with V and I remember my mum telling me that when I was born the hospital put baby + surname because they had not decided on a name... so I guess it went from baby + surname to plain baby V. Incidently both names we like for boy and girl also start with the letter V!!!!

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    angel_eyes Guest

    We're referring to baby as Noodles at the moment - Mum came up with that name.

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    Oct 2004
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    Snap Beckibee!

    We called Blake "Squishy" from Finding Nemo.... we were thinking as a family what to call him and I said, "What shall we call it?" and the line from FN came to me, "I was call you Squishy and you will be mine." And so he was.

    Vivienne was "Bob". Not because we thought she was a boy, just because she used to Bob around in there, in all that 'water'.

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    Nov 2004

    Alex was "squirt" because that's what he started out as... when we found out he was going to be tiny tiny, we called him "skinned" as in "rabbit"!

    This one doesn't have a nickname... sometimes it's "maniac" because it's so active!

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    Sal Guest

    Mine is 'blobby'

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    ms_fluffy Guest

    Ours is "Little Jimmy" even though we don't know whether it's a boy or girl.

    We were both reading Bill Bryson when I got pregnant, and he always refers to young kids as "Little Jimmy". I used the name once, and it stuck.

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    Feb 2005

    Sultana Baby because a book we read at about 6 weeks said the baby was about the size of a sultant ~ even though it's grown much bigger now sultana has stuck.

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    becstar44 Guest

    Ours is 'Grommet'. DH is a surfie, so this is our "little surfer baby" hopefully happily surfing away in my fluids!!