thread: No salty food?

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    Mar 2007

    No salty food?

    I was at the Dr today and just before I left he said 'Ok so just stay away from salty foods and keep taking your vitamins'. I just said 'ok' and didn't take much notice as I was trying to wrestle DD into her pram to leave, lol.

    Don't think I've heard that one before. I'd just eaten a packet of salt and vinegar chips before I got there

    So, what's wrong with salty foods in pregnancy?

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    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!

    don't know I thought they were concerned about low iodine levels these days contributed in part by our lack of salt in cooking etc (and the fact that when we do we use non iodised salt) and these affects on pregnancy. The only other think I could think of is too much salt and not enough water and some element of dehydration (total guess by the way) - will be interested to hear cause salty foods is about all I can stomach for the morning sickness stage.

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    I am a believer in everything in moderation..including when I am pregnant The fact that I craved bacon, egg and black pudding sandwhiches with salt and ate them alot means I wouldn't trust my judgement
    While I was working, I went to the vending machine nearly every day for those kettle rock salt and vinegar chips. Not sure what he meant??

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    Oct 2009
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    How would we get baby boys then? Isn't that how it works - if you eat lots of salt, you get a boy; eat sweet, get a girl? It certainly worked for me, I couldn't get enough of salty foods when I was pregnant with Ianto (as opposed to my usual sweet tooth)

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    Many doctors don't want you eating salt as it can lead to fluid retention. However, you do actually need salt as you end up producing 40% more blood than pre-pregnancy. It's just that it's added to everything anyway, so it's about keeping an eye on it, rather than stopping eating salt all together (we'd die if we didn't consume any salt at all). So just keep it in moderation and balance it with fluids.

    I'd be concentrating more on getting high enough levels of protein and calcium.

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    blood pressure maybe?

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    Oh dear... There goes my last 2 pregnancies and even this one.... Lol. I have been eating hot chips with heaps of salt and pepper...

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    I'm thinking blood pressure and fluid retention.
    At 8 weeks I was told more salt, more fat. Salt because my BP was stupidly low (mostly went for electrolyte drinks, but also not to be shy with the iodised salt shaker) and Fat because my progesterone was all over the shop and doc was a little concerned that I mightn't have enough fat to produce lots. (but it wasn't the fun kind )

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    Apr 2008

    Blood pressure and fluid retention I'm guessing.

    You do need to have iodised salt though in your diet so make sure you get that. A lack of it can cause birth defects so if you are going to have salt, make sure it's the good stuff!

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    May 2009

    My first thought was if you have a high blood pressure issue? I've read a few things lately saying that some salt is important for bub to be healthy, so don't cut it out completely, just eat it in moderation as others have said.

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    me guilty too. I have a serious chips and gravy fetish while pregnant. Maybe that was his tip of the day for all his patients. Afterall these days most of us consume to much salty food

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    Mmmmm, and extra large boxes of popcorn that I finish by about 10 minutes in to the movie :0

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    I just read a book called, "I'm Pregnant -- Now What Do I Eat?" written by a professor of obstetrics from Harvard Medical School. It's about 3 years old, so should not be out of date. According to her, the old advice to avoid salt is wrong: we actually need more salt when we're pregnant because of our increased blood volume, as one of the earlier posters said. And her book includes recipes for some fairly salty foods, including a Salty Pork Chop. So maybe you want to clarify with your doc why he said to avoid the salt?

    And remember, blood pressure goes down in pregnancy. (In fact, I usually take BP medication but am off it now that I'm pregnant, with absolutely perfect BP readings ever since the beginning of my first trimester.) So that should not be an issue until you're approaching the third trimester, when it apparently starts to rise again.

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    i couldn't get enough salt when i was pregnant, it's basically all i could stomach, and my babies were fine!
    i also had extremely low blood pressure still, so it's not like it sent it through the roof..
    i think all drs have their own opinions on things, but maybe verify why he mentioned it in your case?

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    Apr 2010

    Hmm... Sounds a little odd that he didn't tell you why!
    Maybe you should call to clarify! I would just so I don't have to keep stressing about why salt shouldn't be eaten!!

    lol. Salty food is awesome!