Hello there beautiful lady,

Wow number 7 already that is wonderful.

I think with regards to falling pregnant again i dont think it would matter too much when you fell but depending on how you wanted to birth it could matter. If you wanted to try for a VBA2C than i would wait at least a year for your scar tissue to heal abit better, the longer the better.

My best friend only just had her 3rd c/s at Gosford the other week and she was at last minute going for a VBA2C however her mum talked her out of it, next time around she is going to have a VBA3C and her OB Dr Palmer there told her that there is no reason whey she couldnt, her scar tissue had healed perfectly but she should wait at least another year before conceiving and she would not be having it at Gosford as they wouldnt do it. Which is cool she will go up to John Hunter.

So you will have to make your decision depending on the way you wanted to birth.

I know a really gorgeous Doula on the coast that would love to support you lol.

speak to you soon