thread: Obs & Hospital - how do you choose?

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    Jun 2005

    Fee, in regards to picking an OB, some of the things I considered were:

    1. How long he/she has been in practice?

    2. Whether I wanted a male or female OB

    3. Who is responsible for me if they were not available. Usually they have a backup OB and who was this person?

    4. What were their fees, and how are they covered by medicare and my health insurance

    5. How do I get emergency care after office hours? How accessible was the OB, was it 24 x 7

    6. Who will see me for my checkups? How many are covered during the 9 months of pregnancy and how much time does he/she spend per visit

    7. His/her personality - very important that you feel you can get along with them

    8. If you have any medical history that may be an issue during your pregnancy, whats the OB’s experience with this? Ie can he/she handle high risk pregnancies

    9. Is the Ob’s office in close proximity to work and or home and what are his/her hours?

    10. What hospitals is he/she affiliated with

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    Fee Guest

    Thanks for the info guys. I've got lots of reading and thinking to do!

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    Fee, you are going to be the most-prepared and knowledgeable first-time pg woman ever! Clever idea, doing all this research now. =D>

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    Fee, you are going to be the most-prepared and knowledgeable first-time pg woman ever! Clever idea, doing all this research now. =D>
    You'll come to notice that about me. I'm a very organised type of person!!!

    I'm the Queen of research and lists

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    Fee Guest

    We are with Defence Health and their website has lots of good info on it - including a list of OBs which is great.

    Also gives a list of questions to ask. So I'm starting to understand this more. DH and I are going to sit down tomorrow night and read through all the information I have collected.

    So thanks again

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    Fee Guest

    More questions!

    I think I've decided on the North West Private Hospital. I've done a lot of searches on various forums and have found a list of OBs from the North West.

    They are:

    Dr Chris Price
    Dr John Howland
    Dr Robert Watson
    Dr Terry Sheahan
    Dr Vilaseri Tuicolo
    Dr Alison Garvin

    How do I pick one? Can I ring them for information? Should I ring the hospital and ask for info? I have no idea what to do next!!! Do I need to ring them and ask about their fees?

    Can anyone give any recommendations for the above OBs?



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    Jun 2005

    Fee, as far as fee schedules i would ring their office and im sure their receptionists would be happy to tell you info over the phone or post something out to you. Fees change constantly and its best to get this info from them direct. Also since your not TTC until later in the year you may also want to ask if their fees will be different in 2006?

    Sorry i cant help with any of the names.

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    Fee Guest

    Thanks Angie.

    I must add that I've got your list of questions above written down at home. Should I ring up each OB on my list and ask all those questions? Would they think I was silly? And silly for asking when we're not even trying yet?!?!

    I can't believe I'm worrying about this! I am the world's worst worrier. I've got to learn not to!

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    May 2005
    Melbourne, Australia

    You're making me worry now Fee. 8-[

    I was kinda hoping this would all just fall into place after I see the GP.
    I don't even have a regular GP. 8-[

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    Jun 2005

    Fee, i would not tell them your not trying, id say you are seriouslly TTCing and want to do some prelim research :-$ im sure they will be ok with this. You probably wont get to talk to the OB, only his/her reception area but i found they are quite knowledgable at all this stuff too. Give it a try with one or two of them and see how you go, you dont have anything to lose

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    Fee Guest

    Thanks again Angie. I might even ring them closer to when we start trying. Or maybe even when we do start. I think I'm sorta in control now! I've decided on a hospital and have a list of OB names. So I think I'm okay. So really it's pot luck with the OB's personality? You can't exactly meet with them beforehand!

    Dave's Girl - sorry to worry you! I just wanted to get a better understanding of it all. I didn't want to be at the doctor and have them tell me I'm pg and then have them ask me who I want for an OB or what hospital - when I didn't have a clue. I don't really have a regular GP either. But I do want to have an idea about what OBs are good.