thread: Pelvic Floor getting worse?

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    Nov 2006

    Question Pelvic Floor getting worse?

    I have to admit I was never great at doing the exercises when pregnant with DD but I did try a little bit after she was born - SLACK I know! But anyway I feel like they are def getting worse with this pregnancy. Imagine what I will be like after giving birth again -

    At the moment I have a terrible runny nose and when I sneeze I have to stop walking and clench! Sorry TMI. PLease tell me with exercises it will get better or am I doomed for ever? Has anyone else found this happen?

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    Jan 2005

    My GP pulled out a study when I asked about this, he said the risk of pelvic floor not going back to normal doesnt increase with subsequent pregnancies, but the risk of prolapse does.

    It depends what sort of p/f issue it is - if there is nerve damage thats different to if there isnt, and also stress vs urgency.

    Most peoples gets better with exercises, and you can also see a physio for it, there are some who specialise in womens health.
    Thee is also a pelvic floor clinic at the royal womens in melbourne, actually they might be able to provide you with some information?

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    Mar 2008

    Hi Jordie,

    So hear you on this one! I'm also due with bus #2 in September and noticing the pelvic floor getting weaker and my prolapse feeling more uncomfortable. Sneezing is a whole new issue...

    I had a "minor" prolapse after DD's birth and within 12 months was symptom free thanks to good physio. My Dr basically said the damage was done with the first birth and couldn't imagine it getting worse for the second. I freaked out last week when the symptoms were coming back and my physio said "keep doing the kegels and allow for things you can't control" (ie pregnancy hormones and the increasing weight of the fetus make the symptoms so much worse).

    I'd recommend a good women's physio (most public hospitals would have one) and pilates if you can.

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    Feb 2009

    I'd definitely work on those exercises! Get help if you need it. I love my pelvic floor. If I could hug it, I would. LOL. I've always wanted to do other exercises and get healthy but I am so slack on them, but my pelvic floor is so so important for me that I googled the hell out of it to make sure I knew everything I had to.

    From the pelvic floor exercises site.

    Urinary stress incontinence (leaking small amounts of urine when sneezing, coughing, exercising or otherwise putting the pelvic floor under stress) is the commonest form of incontinence amongst Australian women.

    Many women believe that it is a natural part of ageing but this is not true; it is not normal and no woman needs to tolerate it. There are options for treatment, the first and most important of which is pelvic floor exercising.
    As they say - Get clenching!

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    Nov 2006

    I was pretty slack on the exercises and have had quite a few accidents when sneezing this time around. I also used to have issues before and after first birth while o'ing.

    I've found a far more enjoyable form of the exercises is o'ing actually. my issues seems to be getting better with a few sessions of this despite the fact i am getting more preg. I can only o with toys so i sorta use those muscles to build up a good o.