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thread: Pets and Pregnancy/Pets and Babies

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    amalie Guest

    thankyou so much christy that is fantastic!! i will start right away and let you know how it all goes

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    Jun 2003

    Can I add another tip Also if you can get a baby mat (playgym) or blanket now, and put it on the floor and teach your dog not to walk on it. That way when bubs is around and is ever having floor time your dog will know not to walk on the blanket even in excitement iykwim. I know cats & dogs are different, but so many people were so against us having our cat around our baby and it was and has been always fine. We brought stuff home for Chloe to smell, we had the baby's room set up for ages, as well as the pram, and if she ever went near the pram (or cot) I would growl/hiss at her to not go near it. Same if she went into the nursery. Our cat still slept on our bed (but we didn't co sleep), and we had Paris in the room and there was never a problem. So long as you can continually train your pets (and your kids too, its important for them to know how to treat their furry friends) you should be fine.


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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Cai totally agree with you on the cat issue. We have had a blanket down for the last few weeks as I was saying to Christy & Bear has not gone near it. She tried for the first time last night, cos Aaron was sitting on the blanket, but he hissed at her & away she went, hasn't gone near it again since.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005

    I am not yet pregnant but have always worried how we will manage with our 2 year old dog when we do have a baby (hopefully next year!!). I have just read thru this forum and am amazed and thrilled with all the wonderful suggestons that have been made. I can't thank you all enough as I now know that it will all be fine, so long as some preparation occurs during pregnancy.
    Since reading this info I have already shifted the dog (who thinks he's human) to his own bed instead of ours. I think my DH is the biggest problem as he wants the dog with with us! I'm sure he'll be hopeless (soft)with kids as well! What am I getting myself into......... O
    Thanyou all again for the wonderful advice.

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    sueedge Guest

    I was very concerned about how my little pomeranian and German Shepherd would react to the baby as they had always been our kids. The pomeranian was a particular worry as she had already shown an aversion to kids in general, and would growl whenever one came to our house. The day I brought Michele home, my pomeranian became frantic and kept trying to get to her. That really worried me but before long, I suddenly realised that she wasn't trying to attack her- she was behaving the way she did when she had her own puppies! So I let her jump up and she sniffed the baby,shook with excitement, and didn't leave our side for days. When the German Shepherd tried to come near, she would warn him off with a growl. He accepted the baby without a murmur, btw. All my fears were for nothing.

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    belmarks Guest

    I am really worried about my two cats when the baby is born. I have set up the nursery already and we have already had one incident of the cat going into the cot and urinating! NICE!! Luckily we had the waterproof cover on the mattress already otherwise there would have been real trouble!

    I saw a thing on Dr Harry a couple of years ago where someone put a screen door on their baby's room to keep the cats out, but I really don't want to do that, any other suggestions?

    I have tried that pet keep off spray that you can buy for your gardens etc, but it doesn't seem to deter them. We have been spraying it on the door jam and the floor at the door also, but doesn't seem to work.

    I am really worried that they will go and smother the baby when we bring it home.

    What should I do??

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    sunshine68 Guest

    hi, just wanted to suggest a solution
    i had a prob with cats using my flower pot has a public toilet so i rubbed VICKS VAPO_RUB all around the rim of the pot.
    and it WORKED !!!!! they can't stand the smell of it.
    hope you get to try it and it works for you.


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    Hey Bel,

    I've heard that some people put aluminium foil over the cot mattress for a while and it deters cats as they hate the feel of it under their feet. We have a spray bottle with a water & vinegar mix in it that we spray our cats with whenever they go to do something they shouldn't. It doesn't hurt them and when they lick it off their fur they quickly learn that it doesn't taste nice at all! Now we rarely even have to spray them, we just shake the bottle and they'll stop what they're doing.

    I don't think you need to be too worried about them smothering the baby. Most likely they will be a bit scared and very cautious as soon as they hear bubs cry for the first time! Perhaps if it does really concern you, you could get a mosiquito net to hang over the cot and maybe that'd keep the cats out?

    If Christy's around she'll be able to come up with some great advice for you I'm sure!

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    belmarks Guest

    excellent replies ladies, thank you very much, i will try all of these suggestions, anything to keep them out of that room altogether would be great!!

    thanks so much

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi Bel! I can understand your worry, the suggestions given are really good ones to start with. Cats are pretty picky about smells, so the first thing you can try is things like the vaporub or citronella soaked towels in the bed (over some aluminium foil would be great) or citrus smelling things tend to turn them off too. There is a wives tale that cats have smothered babies, and our cat is always asleep in the pram, but will never even go near it when Matilda is in it, he jumped in once when she was in it and she screamed so loud he won't go near the pram when she's in it.

    The main reason cats urinate on things is stress. So I would leave things in the cot and maybe do stress relieving things just outside the doorway. Like buy a pot plant of cat nip. There is stuff you can buy from some vets that helps reduce stress in cats, its a bit pricey but we definately used it around the baby furniture, I'll pm you the details. I hope this helps!

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    belmarks Guest

    thanks for that Christy, I will try some of your suggestions. The cats haven't been too interested in going in there, but I am just being cautious I suppose. And after my youngest weeing in there, I was so upset that she would do that, that I guess my imagination ran away with me.

    My cats sleep on our bed with us and the oldest sometimes tries to come up near our heads, which is what is bothering me. We have never let her do this, we always push her back down the bottom of the bed, but nevertheless, if she got into the cot with the baby, the baby wouldn't be able to push the cat off, and that is what scares me!!

    We have been shooing them out of there if they do go in (which isn't very often) but still, you can't help but worry!

    I will try the vicks and have already put some foil down.

    I have tried the citrus stuff, and it doesn't work - well not on my cats anyway. That's the first thing we did.

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    Jun 2003

    I agree with Christy COMPLETELY! Chloe has always slept on our bed, and still does. We taught her from a kitten that it was NOT ok to sleep on our heads so we don't have that problem, but she will only walk on our heads if she wants us to wake up or she wants to get under the covers or something. Chloe has NEVER jumped into paris' cot she jumped a few times into her pram before she was born but we hissed and growled at her and she never did it again. Chloe was pretty freaked out by paris as a baby as the noises she made were probably irritating to her poor lil sensitive ears LOL! But now she loves Paris and is VERY protective of her.



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    *Yvette* Guest

    Hooray, I've found where everyone talks about their pets. It's lovely finding out about all of your pets, the happy and sad, and lots of good advice.

    When my eldest two were born (at home) my cat Saxophone & dog Jessie were with me. Sax was a long-haired black moggie with yellow eyes, & Jessie was a Cavalier King Charles x Border Collie, b & w, long haired with beautiful bc markings. They stayed nearby but not too close during the births, & of course were introduced to the babies very early on. It was lovely for me to have them around, I always like to have the touch of a furry critter to reasure me in times of stress.

    I had no probs with them with the kids, & when the girls were rough with them they would just get out of the way, but Jess would sleep at the door of the room when they were napping, just as she would "guard" anyone in the house who was sleeping or in the bathroom, lol. We didn't have to worry about Sax getting in with bub, as I kept them in my room with bassinett beside my bed til about 5-6 months, and she never went in the cot, as by then she knew to keep out of their way as they so they wouldn't rough her up.

    Both have died of old age now, Jess at 14 & Sax earlier this year at 18. We now have a chocolate Burmese kitten called Coco. We shut our door and baby Angus' door at night, as she will hop in the cot to be with him, and hasn't learned yet that he can hurt her. She's so little it's more a case of protecting her from the baby, lol. She likes to sleep in bed with either of the older kids, but sometimes they put her in the laundry overnight if she's keeping them awake playing. She's bonded with everybody now, and it's really cute watching her playing with Angus, but we have to watch & be ready to save her.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005
    Bunbury, WA

    lol Yvette.. has Angus starting kissing her yet?

    My godson is obsessed with trying to kiss my animals! Couple of weeks back on my bday we had the pool set up in the backyard and were playing etc.. Dyl walked over to where the dogs were in the smaller yard, and tried to kiss Belle (a red cloud kelpie) and she licked his mouth.. I was just like.. oh great.. Hope she hasnt got any major germs! Otherwise I try to discourage him from kissing them.. and tell him to blow kisses. (He especially loves kissing the cats.. lol)



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    belmarks Guest

    Hi girls, we have two moggies, a black and white (Angel) that I saved from the RSPCA and a tabby cat (Murphy) that I saved from my old work (I worked in a recycling plant - heaps of feral cats and she was a kitten there that went through the mill about 3 times and survived - should have called her lucky!) and a blue cattle dog (Buffy). They all get on really well, and I love my animals to bits, they are my babies!! Especially my dog Buffy, she is such a beautiful loving girl, she is just the best.

    She gives us kisses, and sometimes if the kids from down the street are here and we are mucking around with them, she will get in and give them big kisses. I always tell the kids to keep their mouths shut otherwise Buffy will slip the tongue in! Which she does!! its really funny.

    I cannot wait for her to meet the baby, and I am doing so much to endeavour to keep her involved so she doesn't feel left out ever, I couldn't stand it if she felt like that, I just love her so much.

    I have already organised for her to come to the hospital after the baby is born, I just couldn't stand to be away from her for that amount of time, it would kill me!!

    There are a few photos of the "kids" on the web site, there is a funny one of Buffy at her 3rd birthday - yep, we give her a little party every year - some people think we're insane!! tee he he

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Thanks to everyone here, we lost my beloved scooby yesterday & I was thinking of waiting until end of July (baby due in Sept) but starting mat leave early August to get a new puppy (I am keen on a Pugalier) to be basically an indoors dog to sleep with Maddy as Scooby was her puppy!
    But am now thinking of gettinga puppy as soon as one is available from a breeder... I did puppy school with Scooby & Maddy, so will do that training again myself with the new puppy & our nursery, cot etc is all set up already so puppy will be introduced to that & also will make sure she has a basket/bed in the family room that she is trained to sit in & place a balnket on the floor as suggested above.. I am also thinking of obedience training as I'd love to be able to take Maddy, baby & puppy to parks & have some off leash play time etc...

    Any suggestions.....??? Thanks!

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    *Yvette* Guest

    No kisses yet Kirby, but the other day I accidentally locked Coco in Angus’ room during his arvo nap. We could hear him chatting but not crying on the baby monitor, so left him to it. When I got him up, Coco was sitting beside him in the cot, her neck all soggy where Angus had been munching on her! Both were quite happy, and when Angus stood up in the cot, Coco did too, paws on the side. It was soooo cute.

    Lol Belinda @ Buffy slipping the tongue in (does Lulu have a dog called Buffy too?). My grandpop used to tell me dogs have a clean mouth, less germs than humans, but cat’s mouths are very germy. I know now about toxoplasmosis, so try to be careful, but I have to admit I’m not too fussy. Love your pics Belinda.

    So sorry about Scooby Tracey. I must have missed what happened. We want a puppy too, but DH is trying to get me to be sensible and wait til the timing is better for us, as I’ll be the one doing the training, walking etc. It’d have to be right now or when the babies are settled, and we don’t even have the fence situation sorted. Coco is keeping us happy for now. Maybe if we adopted an adult dog & added a puppy later……
    If you’re on m/leave from Aug you’ll only have a month to get the puppy settled, but if you’ve got baby barrier gates in the house that would keep puppy confined when you need to, especially if it’s a little one like a pugalier, not one that would easily be able to jump over. Cavvies have such a beautiful temperament, DH will only go for a med/large dog though

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    .: ~ Don't regret anything that ever made you smile ~ :.

    Feb 2005
    SA, Australia

    My Dog & My Pregnancy...

    Hello everyone,
    When I was pregnant with my first child we also had a rather large female dog. Up until the birth of our son, she was our baby and she knew it. During my pregnancy we involved her us much as possible. If we were ever in the babies room setting it up or putting away new items we had purchased we would allow her to come in to the room and just smell everything. We also talked to her alot when she was in there, telling her that baby was coming and this was the babies room. We were extremely repetative so she would learn to understand.

    Knowing that we would be unable to walk her as much in the first few weeks after babies arrival, we gradually decreased her walks BEFORE the baby arrived, this way when the baby did arrive she didn't feel or notice to much of a change.

    AFTER babies arrival my dh would bring home from the hospital the babies dirty clothes and let her smell them. At first she was very interested in the smell, but as the days went by she became less and less interested, so when we brought home our son we allowed her to smell and because she had already smelt him through his dirty clothes she didn't care much. She seemed more happy to see me, after 5 days apart then the fact we had a brand new addition.

    For the first few months she would sleep between our bed and the cot. Now that our son is in his own room she sleeps outside the door. (never entering his room unless myself or dh is in there. If we are busy when he is asleep and don't hear him cry she comes to us to let us know he is awake. Even if dh is a work and I am in the shower she will sit outside the shower until I have seen her and won't leave my side until I go to his room and check on him.

    I have heard of dogs getting jealous of new arrivals in the family. If you make the changes and prepare you dog/s before babies arrival they won't notice the change as much. After babies arrival try and make time for your dog/s even if it's 10minutes, don't excluded them completely....
    Our dog suprised us in many ways, she is just great.....just take the time to prepare them!!!

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