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thread: Pets and Pregnancy/Pets and Babies

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    belmarks Guest

    I agree completely Karen, my dog is my baby, and she knows it. So we have been preparing her since I first found out I was pregnant. She has "helped" us set up the baby's room and sniffed everything, and when I brought home some dummies for the baby, she thought they were hers, so we gave her one to check out. Because they are latex, she thought they were a toy for her, she soon realised that it wasn't and left it alone, so when the baby comes along, if it needs a dummy, we won't be worried about Buffy stealing the baby's dummy! He He He!!

    My girl is such a big part of my life and I just love her to bits, if she ever felt left out, or jealous, I would be heart broken, that is why I am making sure she is still looked after and still given plenty of attention. Im lucky I guess, Buffy can go to work with DH so she is entertained some days. She loves me to be at home with her, so I know that when I have the baby, she will be in her glory!

    I have already arranged DH to bring her to the hospital when I am in there, because I couldn't last that long without seeing her, and I want her to know that I haven't left her, because she does get a bit fretty sometimes. I think while I am in hospital and DH will be coming up there all the time, I might arrange for her to go to Nanna's (my mum's) house to stay so she doesn't feel alone and sad at home!!

    Buffy has been a bit protective of me lately too, which I think is soo beautiful. Shes a little champion!!

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Well I got a new Pup on Friday after work an 8 wk old Pugalier & named her 'Poppy', she is terribly gorgeous!!!

    So now the fun begins with training although so far she has been pretty good going outside & when inside only on paper (a few accidents) but any other things I can do to start training her & any tips on places to take her for training? I ahve done a puppy preschool class before & so will do the come, sit, stay etc commands but obedience training & when to start????

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    belmarks Guest

    how exciting, a new puppy! God I love dogs, they are the best!!

    The only suggestion I can make is when Buffy was a puppy, we would take her straight outside after she had eaten or drank so that she knew that was where she had to go to do her business. It worked, she hardly ever went inside, and still doesn't, she's a good girl!!

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Oooooh, puppy, puppy, puppy! I wanna puppy too.

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    AlwaysBethy Guest

    :smt022 I know this isn't on the exact topic, but ... I had a German Shepherd that I had recently bought when I got pregnant. I had him for 10 months. But I had to get rid of him because he wouldn't stop jumping on me and I was afaide he would kill or injur my baby. I was completly devistated!! That dog was my dream I had wanted one FOREVER because they say they are thee best dog you can buy for friendship protection and loyalty. An he was my mom was a dog breeder for years and we had tons of diffrent types of dogs and he was thee best dog Ihave ever had! But it because a issue when I got pregnant. I tried my hardest to teach him to stop jumping but I couldnt and obediance training cost way too much!!! So I had to give him away. But even though it was for the best I still miss him in the worst way! He was my best friend and there isn't a day that goes by that I wish I could have afforeded classes to teach him to behave. But my childs safety was my number one consern!

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    *Yvette* Guest

    That must have been so sad for you Bethy. German Shepherds are lovely dogs, lots of vacuuming & brushing involved though, and you've got to be ready for about 3 years of puppy behaviour.

    Hey guess what guys! We're getting an eclectus parrot! We're adopting him from a family who are finding he's not getting enough attention since their young son came along. Although we have kids & baby & more babies coming, with both of us at home full time we reckon we'll be able to put the work in. We're very excited and off to get our basic schedule 3 licence this morning. He should be moving in with us in a couple of weeks, so we're doing lots of research & getting ourselves ready

    I know a couple of you girls have birds as well as other pets & kids/babies - we might need some advice soon.

    Spook, the Eclectus Parrot is now in residence

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Sorry to hear that you felt you had tyo give up your dog. But obedience training does not cost much at all. Ask your local council what obedience dog clubs are in your area and they will be happy to give you a list.

    My dog started obedience training back when I was 18 and earning only $9 an hour as an undergraduate cadet and still at uni. I was living by myself, renting and had all the usual bills that come with renting your own house, as I was living away from home for my cadetship. I think back then it was something like $25 a year. Then the last time I paid annual member ship (a year ago) it was at one of the most expensive clubs and it was $60 a year, but I went there because they did agility as well and were the main club in Adealide and had a huge amount of instructors. FOr a while I was a member at two clubs so that I could do both obedience and agility, but then I found the South Australian Obedience Dog Club that did both. I have aslo been a member at the Whyalla club and Gepps Cross club, as well as trying one out at Salisbury. Really, these dog clubs are EVERYWHERE!

    Asteryx, my rotty, has stopped going to obedience training now as he is 9 yrs old, has completed all the levels (was trialling when we stopped obedience) and has been diagnosed with Addison's Disease which means his vaccinations aren't 100% effective. So now he only gets to socialise with my friends dogs on our weekly walks as I KNOW they are vaccinated.

    I recommend that all dog owners do some obedience training as it makes the dogs in the community alot better, and safer for everyone. The expensive training you talk about is where you get trainers in who take your dog away and train them. This training is pretty much useless anyway, it costs heaps, and you still have no idea how to handle your dog, and the dog learns to respect and obey the trainer, not you.

    Community run obedience dog clubs have group classes where the instructors do not handle your dog, but teach you all the vital skills and help YOU to iron out problems with your dog. It is cheap because all the instructors are volunteers. I was an assistant instructor - it is all for the love of it and all the fees you do pay go back to the members by way of BBQ's, new equipment for the club, canteen stock that allows you to buy discounted products, and it also pays for the club's annual trial as all clubs will have at least one of these to encourage dog training. It works because you can practise all the skills at home and if something is not working the instructors will offer to help you understand what you are doing wrong.

    The basic skills your dog will learn is to heal on lead and off lead, sit, drop, stand. stay and come back to you when called. This entitels you to the basic obedience certificate which allows you to get discounted dog registration. If you get addicted to dog training, then you can keep going, and do things like agility, fly ball, food refusal, tracking etc. in the trial ring.

    To have a well behaved dog arund babies though - the basic obedience is all you need.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
    Darwin, NT. Previously Brisbane

    I have two dogs - Lady is a Jack Russell x Red Cattle dog, and Rudy who is a purebreed Red Cattle Dog. These girls are our babies and are spoilt rotten!

    Lady likes to be carried around on your hip like a baby - sad I know, thankfully she is built like a really skinny cattle dog, lol.

    We have started talking about this thing called 'baby', and if I am reading one of my books about pregnancy I always show them, although the other night lady scratched the picture when I told her that was our bubba. I am sure it was a play with me and pay me attention action.

    We have discussed starting outside training, because I would like them to become mostly outside dogs, nasty I know at 9, but our house is very small and they love to lie on things left on the floor especially blankets or rugs. So my concern there is that they will try to share with the baby when it is on the floor. My other alternative I guess is to get them their own blanket / mat and start mat training and keep them in the kitchen where they can see us. If they are outside they can't see us at all.

    We have already started keeping them out of our room at night, much to their horror, and out of the spare room, which doesn't have a door but we will get one of those safety gates that has a door situation going on. We dont have any cats so we dont have to worry about that.

    It is harder than I imagined when it comes to these 2 because we love them sooo much and we want them to love the baby too.

    The joys ....

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    belmarks Guest

    Hi Leanne,

    I have just included Buffy (our blue cattle dog) in everything to do with the baby, she comes into the nursery when I am in there doing something, and just sits with me, and also when I buy stuff for the baby, she checks it all out. I would hate for her to feel left out when the baby arrives, as she has been our baby for such a long time. That is why we are incorporating the baby into her life, not the other way around, they don't understand if you change their routine, its not as if you can reason with them...

    If you are distressed about making your dogs outside dogs (I would be) then I suggest some simple training now in lying on their own blankets etc and getting them used to it before the baby arrives, Im sure you will find that they will be fine with the baby and the baby will love them when its old enough to move around on its own.

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    Platinum Member

    Nov 2004

    We have begun getting our kelpies ready for the baby. DH finished the nursery on the weekend and they have already learned that they are not allowed in it. The dogs and cat have the run of the house and have a dog door to go outside. DH is going to put a screen door up to keep the cat out as we just don't want to risk it.

    We have been practicing on my niece since she was born (she is now 13 months) and the dogs are now used to her. Being working dogs all they wanted to do was watch her and round her up when she started walking. The oldest one is so good. She comes and stands on him and pats him and he just sits there or moves away. The only time the two females will be locked outiside is when I am busy cooking or doing housework and I cannot watch the baby constantly. We are going to turn the bungalow into a dogs house with a dog door because I would hate to leave them outside.

    Our dogs have always slept next to our bed, or in it if it is cold. The last few mornings it has been cold and my girl has been in bed with us. Baby kicked her in the head yesterday, not sure what she thought of that.

    Our dogs will also be bought to the hospital and I have already picked out the photo of them that I will have next to my bed. Hospital stay will be 5 days unless I choose to leave sooner and it will be the longest time seperated from my dogs. Two are 11 and one is 4.

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    belmarks Guest

    Hey Gemma, I am also worried about being separated from my little girl, but DH is going to bring her up to the hospital when I am in there, I can't wait to introduce her to our baby. I am also going to take a photo of her with me, I will just miss her so much.....

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    Platinum Member

    Nov 2004

    My DH said that he wants to take the baby home to meet his dog first then the other two girls. He said I can stay in the hospital and rest, not sure what I think about that. The hospital is only about 4 minutes away. It will be hard to be seperated from the dogs (and the baby if I agree that he can take her), it good that your DH is bringing you girl to the hospital to visit you. The dogs will be wondering why their 'mum' is away too probably.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2004

    Collectively, DH and I have 3 dogs - mine is a Kelpie and DH's are Kelpie/Border Collies. All are farm dogs are never come in the house (god knows what disgusting thing they have eaten - cow placenta, calf sh*t - or rolled in!! LOL). In fact, I can barely get my dog in the house, as she knows she's not supposed to be inside!. One dog is 15yo and the others are about 11yo.

    We do, however have cats that come into the house - one in particualr would spend all day and all night in here if I let him. Both are desexed but hate each other, so they are rarely seen together although they look identical (alhtough no relation to each other).

    The "house"cat tends to spend all day asleep on either our bed or the sofa. I'm not anticipating that he will venture into the baby's room, although I could be wrong. I'll just have to keep an eye out. But we did "teach" him to stay out of the guest room after we got it set up (years ago) and now he never goes in there. I'm guessing the same tatics will work for the nursery.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005
    Carrum Downs VIC

    Hi Everyone.
    Where do I start with pets????
    We have 2 dogs - Staffy and Poodle. 2 cats - burmese. 3 Turtles . 4 Eastern dragons. 1 Snake (I hate it) 3 frogs and numerous ****atiels & conures and another pair of birds that DH spent a frickin fortune on last Sunday. My hubby manages a pet store in Glen Waverley -Its just amazing (hint hint to the name ) I wont mention the name just in case its not allowed.
    I dont mind all these animals except when I have to clean up after them.
    Not sure of anyone has heard this or not but apparently when I was pregnant DH told me not to touch birds. He says that they are carriers of Chlamydia and it can make the pregnant person sick. Apparently there is no harm to the bubs though. We asked the doc - knew nothing about it. So for me it was one less thing to clean up after.
    Kayne loves the cats and chases one of them around constantly. Poor Whitman. The other runs whenever she sees Kayne. We adopted her when she developed an cyst on her ovaries and could not breed anymore. Poor things was so badly treated that she really freaks when strangers come over.
    Anyway these are my animals!!!! I am thinking of starting a zoo!

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Well well Marisa, I might be trying to pick your brains now that I know. We live in GW & knew we wanted an Eclectus parrot as soon as we met one in our local 'alternative' pet shop, obviously the very same one. We love going to look at the reptiles. Anyway, we could never have afforded one, but have now adopted an 8 year old male Eclectus (about 2 months ago).

    We also have a Burmese kitten, 7 months old. I've had a Staffy before too, and he was a lovely gentle boy. We'll be getting another dog as soon as the timing is right, ie not now I'm expecting twins. You know how much work puppies are.

    I can well imagine how much cleaning you have to do. DH does the kitty litter while I'm pg, and the bird cage, but I have been doing a bit of the parrot poo (with gloves on). DH is always warning me not to touch the pigeon poo (we have pigeons roosting all over the outside of our house on window sills etc). It didn't occur to me not to touch Spook (the Ekky) though. He doesn't come to me much though, he's more bonded with DH so far.

    Anyway, how are your Burmese with the birds? We have to be constantly vigilant with the kitten stalking the parrot, she's driving us nuts. Apparently one scratch or bite can kill the bird from infection. How old are your Burmese?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005
    Carrum Downs VIC

    Hi Yvette,
    By all means pick my brain for anything. Also if you go into the 'amazing' shop ask for Peter. He will look after you. Tell him you 'know' me and he will definately look after you. I was telling him about how you were pregnant with twins and that your other kids were about the same age as us and he mentioned that you may have been there already. If you take the kids in he will get the snakes (yuk) out and let the kids hold them if he is not too busy.
    Yes I love the Eclectus' - my girlfriend has two - both through Peter.
    The cats are fine withthe birds - when we have them inside. Peter has just built a big avery for them - but I can see we will end up with more and more. thats the only trouble with him managing that place - he is like a little kid and bring things home all the time!
    I want to get Kayne a burmese Kitten - but it has to be chocolate. We have a brown (whitman who is 3) and a blue(priscilla who is 4) burmese. They are the most beautiful cats I have ever met. Great breed the burmese.
    Anyway better keep working!

    Speak to you all later!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005
    Happy Valley, Adelaide

    Marisa - I have a Lilac Burmese (Lila) and she is the most gorgeous creature... My DH had a blue when he was growing up, and all our friends have chocs or browns so we wanted something different, and everyone who meets her agrees she is the most beautiful looking cat they've seen. She's 2 1/2 and is best friends with my 6 YO kelpie X (Jojo). I was worried about Jojo meeting her when we first bought her home as a kitten as my mum had taught him to hate cats, but he was very gentle with her - he understood she was now part of our family... I only hope he's as good when we have a baby arrive in a few months! I'm going to make a cd of baby screaming/crying sounds to desensitise him...

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005
    Carrum Downs VIC

    Hi Dee73,
    I let the cats and dogs smell Kayne as soon as I bought him home. Another thing I heard was that you should take a cloth nappy or something along that line and when bubs is born, put it in with bubs so it gets the smell of him/her. THen while you are still is hospital - get hubby to take it home and let the cats smell it. THen when bubs comes home he/she is already a familiar smell to them.
    My cats have been fine with Kayne. He chases them now and pulls their tails and body slams them. They put up with him and have never taken a swipe at him.

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