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Thread: PLEASE HELP: Bleeding at 6 wks

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    Thanks again for all your support. It's nice having a soft place to land.

    Eliza - you mention a tablet to help induce it and speed things along... any idea what that is called? the OB didn't mention anything like that. I've had no serious pain yet, and I'm concerned that this might drag out. Not sure whether I should just wait and see for a day or so.

    Re family support... they are all in Australia anyway, so it's just me, DH and DS here really. That said, my bestest friend lives about 200 metres down the road from me, so I have plenty of support. I've actually been a little upset with most of my family of late as it seems as I'm always the one to make contact, so I really don't feel like having them come in with sympathy right now.

    Anyway, I'm remaining optimistic (at least at this moment), that we'll get through this.

    Thanks again.

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    Hi Bubbaloo,
    I'm so sorry to hear your news.
    I am also far away from my family, finding support a bit lacking.
    I had a m/c last July and I was surprised at how exhausted it left me. So hang in there and look after yourself for the next few weeks.
    My thoughts are with you -- and you will get through this. It just takes time.

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