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Thread: Plevic Pain Druing Pregnancy

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    Leslie43 Guest

    Default Plevic Pain Druing Pregnancy

    I have noticed a few of you saying they had pelvic pain and were having a hard time with it. There is a condition called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, during pregnancy the hormones soften the ligaments of the body in order to enable the pelvis to open slightly during labor. During pregnancy the pelvis can open slightly causing pain and making everyday movements difficult and sometimes impossible. My 1st preg I didn't have it, but my second #-o OH MY GOODNESS!!! I was just about bed ridden with the pain. I am TTC and in the back of my mind I'm thinking NO SYMPHYSIS PUBIS PLEASE!!!! 8-[ I have a 17 mos old, I can't afford to be a parapaligic!!!! Anyway, I know that in the end it will all be worth it for all of us.


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    kerry Guest


    Hi Leslie... good luck with the TTC. I have SPD and have been having it treated by a chiropractor my OB suggested since I was 24w. At 24w I could barely walk and was in agony all the time. Innitially I was seeing the Chiro once a week but now I only go fortnightly. Mine is made worse but genetic hypermobility and I am almost at the point where my pelvis has completely seperated and dislocated. Both the OB and chiro think there is a chance this may happen during childbirth but are hopping it wont. I have also had to have some cervical stitching done as my pelvis is so unstable.

    OK so basically without the chiroptratic treatment I would be either bed ridden or in a wheelkchair.. it really had been a total godsend and not only have I been able to keep control of my house and home affairs but I still manage tio get to work as well.

    Good luck with the whole #3 baby thing and if SPD rears its ugly head again try a chiropractor... I have never seen one before the pg... but this guy is just brilliant.. make sure thought that they are used to treating pg women and also either SPDF or OP (Osteo Pubitis)... my OB did all the research for me.

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    Leslie43 Guest


    I hadn't thought of a Chiroprator! Good to know that they can help, they deal with bones and ligaments. Thats wonderful advice. Thank you and I hope everything continues to go well with you .

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    kerry Guest


    I'd never been to a chiropractor before in my life so real thanks need to go to my OB who refered me.

    Its not the nices treatment, he has to use this hammer like tool along your pelvic joint.. but the discomfort is short lived, you leave your nickers on and my chiropractor who is a bit old makes his receptionist (female) come in for every treatment. Slightly painful when its done, not much improvement BUT overnight, OMG the first time you get out of bed after a treatment its like you are still dreaming it is so much better.

    In the US they have a procedure known as the Webster Technique. There are not many chiropractors trained to do this in Australia. There are lots who say they are trained but both my chiropractor and my OB say that unless they have trained at a particular place in the US that its not worth seeing them. If I need it later I have found a chiropractor in melbourne who they approve of. This is a different treatment to what I am currently having done.

    OH and the chiropractor says that pg women are much tougher than AFL footballers... he treats them with the same technique for Osteo Pubitis... and they cry and scream and sook when they have the treatment done.

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