thread: Preg Symtoms in Each Preg

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    Apr 2007
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    Preg Symtoms in Each Preg

    Hey all the 1 plus preg Mums I have just has friend ask me if anyone has ever had a sympton for one preg and not another?

    This friend has had 2 preg with the metalic taste being her clue this time she has a BFP and no metallic taste.

    Your feedback would be great beacuse this is my first I am clueless


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    Sep 2005

    Yep I've had all different symtoms for each of my pg's, m/s starting at different times and lasting different lengths, metallic taste in only one, sore boobs in two ect.

    hugs xoxo

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    Sep 2007

    My girls were very similar & DS was completely different!
    DD's- had severe m/s for 5 months. First knew I was pg from the m/s starting at around 5 weeks.
    DS - Sore boobs were the first indicator at 3 weeks & hardly any m/s at all.

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    Oct 2008

    This is only my first pregnancy too, but my sister is currently pregnant with her third. She had a tiny bit of vomiting in the mornings with her first one, none whatsoever with her second & this pregnancy has her suffering from nausea & vomiting all day long.
    From what I've heard every pregnancy is different.

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    Apr 2007
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    Thanks this will help heaps

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    Jul 2006

    Like Bjrose my 2 DD's pregnancy was very different to my DS's as far was m/s goes.

    DD's were severe and long (DD1 lasted up til 22 weeks, DD2 until 19 weeks) and started early on

    DD2 symptom started off with bad cramping, but not for my 1st or 3rd pregnancy

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    Feb 2009
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    Pregnancy with DD = Constant vomiting, couldn't stop, low blood pressure, terrible metallic taste in mouth (thought it was my tongue ring so took it out..!!), loads of energy

    Pregnancy with DS = No vomiting, high blood pressure, no yukky taste, loads of energy

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    Jan 2005

    my symptoms this time have been very different to what I had with DS.
    DS - sore bbs early on, heartburn from 14 weeks
    This time, sore bbs, m/s - nausea but not vomiting, til 18 weeks. low bp (90/60) for the duration of m/s, as soon as it stopped my BP returned to normal. heartburn and reflux from 18 weeks, not as contants as with DS, but worse. Pelvic pain, sciatica and stomach muscle seperation.

    Sounds fun huh - actually its been pretty good, it looks a lot worse written down altogether. Most of my firends seem to have a much rougher time of it than I do.

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    Feb 2007

    ha ha rayray yeah that sounds awful but i know what you mean, you feel great then you write it all down or say it at once and it sounds terrible!
    for me both pregs have been v different... i think every preg is potentially diff depending on so many things - health at the time, diet, your body, hormones and bad/good luck!

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    Jul 2007

    DS: sore boobs and feeling sick but no vomiting, extreme weariness in the early weeks before knowing.
    DD: same symptoms

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    Nov 2007
    Off with the fairies.

    Mine were very different too.
    DS1 - Bad m/s, really sore boobs, and high BP.
    DS2 - No m/s, Not really sore boobs, my BP was really good, and High BSLs.

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    Jun 2005

    Mine have pretty much been all the same....i was sick with pg #3 up until 12 weeks, but i believe that was due to still breastfeeding DD#2 - hormones raging thru my body i believe made me sicker.

    Obviously being my 4th pregnancy the v.veins are more prominent, and the ole back gets ouchy now and then, but overall ive had pretty much textbook, boring pregnancies........

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    Feb 2009

    The only symptom I have had similar in all of mine was HG (If you get it with one, you will get it again and again). Some had tingly bbs. Others had lower abdominal cramping, This one even has a sore pelvis, but they have all been different. Even the severity of the HG has been different.