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    Default Pregnancy Calculator

    I had an extremely short cycle the month I got pregnant.
    I o'ed on CD10, with a 14 day LP. This isn't my usual cycle length, as I am usually 28 days, 14 day LP.
    LMP was 1st Dec
    O = CD 10
    Tested on 24th Dec = HPT Positive
    So does that make me 5 weeks &4 days, with an EDD of 2nd Sept acc to the pregnancy calculator?

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    Congrats on your BFP

    I'd go with the EDD 2nd Sept as the calculator says.

    My cycle was 3 days short when I got my BFP and all my scans have confirmed the date I got from the calculator.

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    With BellyBellys due date calculator you can work it out based on ovulation too

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