thread: Pregnancy and Smoking

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    Mar 2004

    i have quit smoking for 2yrs now.I still get cravings when i have a drink or at a party socialising.Its funny but my dad offered me $1000 to quit as an incentive.I laughed him off and 2 months later i woke up one morning and just quit.I have had ciggies only a few times since then and only because i was at a party(no will power)
    My sister in law was smoking when she got preganant.she had been trying for 3 yrs.I told her i wanst impressed(should keep my opinions to myself) as i didnt want her to miscarrige but her dr also told her that if she went cold turkey there was a chance of miscarry as your body can go into shock from nicotine withdrawals.
    I congratulate those who have quit as it can be awfully hard and those that continue to try dont give up. Just think LESS IS BEST. and good luck

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    Nov 2003
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    Hi girls,
    just felt like crowing as I had my last cigerette on the 22nd of March, exactly one month.

    It hasn't been easy, but I feel better, I know bubs will do better and I also have a little more money than I did.

    DH has also not smoked since then so heres hoping neither of us ever do again.
    Thanks for all your support and well wishes.
    Cheers Michelle

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    Feb 2004

    Congratulations Michelle that is a fantastic acheivement for both you & your DH =D>

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    WELL DONE =D> =D> =D> =D>


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    Feb 2004

    That's fantastic Michelle!

    It's great that your DH gave up as well. DP still smokes, and it's really hard each time I have the rare urge to give in and have a smoke to have them there in front of me, or know they are in the house. But I guess it helps my resolve, so when Brandon is born, hopefully I can not go back to smoking, because I've been around a smoker for all this time.

    But DP doesn't smoke inside, and always stands downwind of me when we are out and he has one, and he won't be smoking around BRandon, so I don't push him. He has said he wants to quit, but with everything that is going on at the moment, I've told him not to feel guilty about not quitting yet. I know he'll do it when he is ready.

    Congrats again Mihcelle, I'm so proud of you!

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    Well done. Thats wonderful to hear. Keep up the good work, we all support you!

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    Well done Michelle!!! That's a great achievement and you and DH should both be VERY proud of yourselves!!

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    Aug 2003
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    Good on you Michelle! Every month will get easier and easier. Its been a year now for me and can't imagine going back.

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    Nov 2003

    congratulations michelle

    take care

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    After promising myself that I would give up at least 12months prior to TTC I only managed to give up a week before this pregnancy was confirmed (I was 3 weeks preg). The first week was terrible but luckily my hubby stopped too which helped a lot. After finding out for sure that I was pregnant it became a lot easier to resist the temptation. It's now been 7 weeks without a smoke and although I dream about having one nearly every night and still think about it at least 4 times a day I haven't been to buy a packet because I worry that if anything happens to my baby then it will be my fault. I only hope that my resolve can last the next 7 months and that by then I will be well and truly over it! Knowing how hard it was to stop this time though, I don't want to start again. Good luck to all mums and mums to be- smokers and non smokers.

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    MissusC thats great news that you have both given up smoking, Keep up the good work

    BTW Welcome to Belly Belly and first Tri.

    Take Care


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    Nov 2003

    Hi MissusC,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and WOOHOO on giving up smoking! Well done! =D>

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    Feb 2004

    Congratulations MissusC

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    Jul 2004
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    Congratulations on your pregnancy MissusC!! And good on you for giving up smoking!!

    I wish I had seen this thread earlier!!

    I had been smoking since I was 16, and about 15-20 ciggarettes per day. I found out I was PG when I was 5 weeks, and by 10 weeks I had quit. I constantly craved a ciggarette every day, and it was made even harder by DP who smokes. After Aidyn was born, I have had about 2 cigarettes in total, and have decided that I can't go back to it even if I want to cause it just tastes so digusting. Plus I do not want to be a smoking mother.. I get too worried about all of the chemicals and poisons that can pass through the skin to your child.
    I have been encouraging DP to give up for ages now, and just recently he started on Nicotine patches, and is down to smoking 8 1mg ciggarettes a day. The reason I have been on his back about it is because he has Type 1 diabetes (childhood/insulin dependant) and smoking is one of the worst things he could be doing to himself, as he already has a shortened life as it is.