Thanks for all your responses. I ended up putting in:

a preg calander that you can record all the special moments on
witch hazel
cocoa butter
massage oil
bath salts and candles
cold pressed olive oil for massage
raspberry leaf tea
lip balm

then I made up a list of other things that she might like
belly belts
sea bands
good books (active birth, no cry sleep sol, name books etc)
list of good websites (bellybelly of course)

but how bad do I feel - DH has been busy working laste and I hadn't had a chance to tell him about the basket. He isn't in to that sort of thing and usually complains about the amount of money being spent etc. Anyway finally caught up tonight and he was all disappointed that he didn't have any input . what the???? So now I feel really bad as he wanted to get them something special too :-( Oh well he'll just have to wait until we see them at xmas