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Thread: A question to those who have miscarried????

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    lotusmamma Guest


    I miscarried a baby boy at 18.5 weeks. I was told that it is more common than people realise to miscarry during the first 1-12 weeks of pregnancy and that many people miscarry without even realising that they are pregnant. It is much less common to miscarry during the 13th and 20th week after which losing a baby is no longer considered a miscarriage but is called a stillbirth.

    Here are some stats from:

    Almost 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, with the majority occurring during the first 12 weeks.

    There is a 75% chance of miscarriage in weeks 1-2 of pregnancy, when you do not know you are pregnant.

    There is a 10% chance of miscarriage in weeks 3-6 and this number drops to 5% during weeks 6-12.

    During the second trimester the chance of miscarriage drops again to 3%.

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    Claire Guest


    I miscarried at 17 weeks - probably due to BV.

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