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    A couple weeks ago I did a home pregnancy test and it came out positive but when I went for a blood test it was negative the following week, now it's the middle of February and still no period since December I do have an undeactive thyroid but am on medication and was getting my periods up till December, should I try and take another home test or am I definatly not pregnant? And with not getting my period am I fertile enough, how can I tell when my fertile time is? Thanks! Any advice is appreciated.

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    Hi Starr
    I would go for another blood test and even ask for an ultrasound. I've heard of people that have had negative tests but eventually went for a scan to find they were pregnant.
    Do you feel pregnant..? Sore boobies, nausea etc?
    To find out when/if you ovulate, one way is to buy an ovulation thermometer and to chart your temp for a few months. Another is to get a day 21 progesterone test monthly to see what it comes back with. I was not ovulating regularly but was still able to fall eventually.
    Good luck and if you are unsure, try to find doctor that will run some tests for you.

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    Hi Starr,

    Unfortunately, some HPT's DO give false positives. There is one brand that some of the girls have reported this happening with but I can't recall the name of the brand (sorry). The BT would be the most accurate way of telling if you are PG or not. Considering you still haven't gotten AF, I would go back to your doc and talk to them about it.
    In regards to knowing if you are fertile or not, there are ways of knowing such as watching your body's production of CM which increases around ovulation, monitoring your temp (you need to be regularly charting to notice the difference) and of course there is also OPK's.
    I hope you get some answers soon hon.


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    Starr Guest


    Thanks for the help I do appreciate it, I may just make an appt with my doctor and find out what is going on I should've gotten my periods b/c my medications have been helping regulate me, but we have been trying to have a baby too. when i did the home test I had a very faint line and I was having pregnancy symptoms, I may try another home test too and see what happens and then go from there.

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    Starr - good luck - hope its all posititive news for you.

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    I would do another pregnancy test and go to your docs and ask for a scan if it comes up positive again. Goodluck.

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    sounds like my first pregnancy, slight possitive on home kit, negative blood test but I knew that changes were underway in my body and retested both home and blood, positive second time round. Go for it and good luck.


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