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    mummy2B2 Guest

    Quitting support

    With my first PG, I gave up cold turkey within 3 days of getting my BFP.
    But I took it up again when I finally conceeded that b/f wasn't working, since she had been on formula from very early on.

    Now I'm PG with no 2, and have heard that giving up cold turkey is bad for your baby? I've been trying to quit since NYE, because we were going to start TTC, but if I don't go cold turkey, I just can't seem to kick it. I say I'm cutting down slowly, but every time DP goes out for a smoke, I seem to be going too.

    So I wondered if there are other mothers or TTCers that want to quit, and maybe we could have a support group type thread?

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
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    Hi Sue

    I have also heard that quitting cold turkey can be bad for bubs... but I think it depends on how heavily you smoke? As i have also heard the opposite - that it is more harmful for bubs if you continue with the smoking.
    It took me about a month after my BFP to quit smoking... I cut down the strength of the ciggies to 4mg, and then to 2mg. And I would put a ration of ciggies in my pack each day, reducing the number as I went along.... and then one day I just stopped! - though the morning sickness helped a bit with that too

    All the best with quitting Sue, I know how hard it is.... I hope you can find others here who are going through the same so you can all support each other!

    Good luck!!! :luck:

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    Aug 2004

    i agree ambah and shannon, some people say it can be harmful to quit cold turkey, but to continue smoking can be a hell of a lot more harmful.

    i also agree with shannon, is easier if DP can support you and give up too, it is a lot easier. there is some percentage of higher instances of cot death when a baby is around cigarette smoke, maybe speak to DH about this, and see if he agrees it would be beneficial for you both to wuit, that way you can support each other, perfect!

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    Feb 2005
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    :smt039 Hi Sue. I know what you are going through. With my 1st pg I cut down gradually. I would lock them in an outside shed, so I had to get a key! then I would only have 1 drag (or 2) Then put it out, and lock it away for next time. I made sure I didn't take them anywhere, and I told DH, NOT to tell me when he was going out for one, but to make sure I was otherwise occupied before he went! With 2nd pg, I admit it, I didn't suceed, and smoked for whole pg, only 2mg, 2-3 a day, but just couldn't do it. With this one I again tried to limit my intake, but found myself slipping back into the habit, so when I ran out, I didn't buy another packet, and haven't had any since. I have never heard going cold turkey harms your bubs, and I'm sure the Dr would recommend this, if it meant you could give up. Try the usual things to quit, when you feel like a smokeinstead, brush your teeth, count to twenty and ask yourself, do I really need this? Have a drink, Go and read a book to your little one, have a shower, walk around the block, log onto the computer and talk to us. Know your trigger times, Driving, after a meal, with a coffee, and try distract yourself at these times, and get DH to Help!! Stress how important it is to help you and bubs to not do this!! I haven't had a smoke for 10 weeks, but still feel like one sometimes. GOOD LUCK if you need support am here for you! =D>

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    Oct 2004
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    hi sue well i was doing really well and gave up cold turkey as you know.we had a few stresses at home and i caved and had a couple,since then i have been smoking on a daily basis,for the last week,i am not smoking heavily though about 5 a day maximum.i am really disapointed cos i stopped for a month.
    oh well i will support you if you support me.

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    Nov 2003
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    I was where you are Nicole, 4 times and I had varying rates of success.

    I think the one about not going cold turkey was prob made up to help mum's who didn't want to give up cold turkey LOL

    with my 1st pg I couldn't completely give up, did cut down to 5 a day though, the 2nd I was cutting down and down and then we had loads of stress with probs with the bub and tests. We asked would what they were looking at be caused by me smoking. the answer was no. I didn't quit at all through that pg. the 3rd i gave up at 3 mths until 6 mths and then started again, and the 4th I cut down but still never really gave up. I am so weak willed sometimes. Other advice i have heard is that although smoking is obviously not good for youor baby, you have to smoke 20 or mors a day to cause harm! Who really knows! I will always feel bad about it, but thankfully all my kids have been perfectly normal, no medical probs, no asthma or anything really.

    I have always been a closet smoker anyway, my parents, kids loads of my friends even didn't know I smoked, so I didn't smoke as much as some people. I went on patches nearly 6 weeks ago, for the first time I could have a quit aid and I used them for about 2 weeks, then went without them. I have slipped up once in that time and I feel so good about not smoking.

    Hope you are finding it easy and things are going well.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Nov 2004


    I am a professional ex-smoker!! Quit and taken it up again so many times over the years!

    I wasn't TTC, but at the time that I fell pregnant I was in fact trying to quit smoking. I was using the Nicobate lozenges and found them to be quite addictive too but effective in stopping me from lighting up.

    When I fell pregnant, before knowing that I was, my body already was rejecting the lozenges and I couldn't stand the taste of them. Also the smell of ciggies makes me feel sick.

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    Feb 2005
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    I love the taste of my minty smokes, don't like the smell!! I gave up with the twins, easy. didn't give up with DD#3 and have given up ( again) with #4, the twins have asthma, DD#3 does not !!??

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    My kids were 6lb13, 7lb8, 8lb4.5 and 6lb 10. I don't think my smoking effected their size at all. Jessica was my smallest but she was 2 days early and he others were 10, 9 and 7 days late. They don't seem to have anything that would point to my smoking being a prob, I don't think people should say well that's ok then, I can smoke and nothing will happen, but I am grateful that my wekness didn't harm my kids.
    Cheers Michelle

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    siren Guest

    Hello all

    I too am finding it really difficult to quit. I have no M/S so thats no help to me. Every time I have a ciggie i feel soo bad, but still can't manage to give up! ](*,) I have managed to cut down though to only about 5 a day, hoping to cut down to 3 a day!

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    The day I found out I was pregnant with DD, I threw my cigarettes in the bin & have not had one since, approx 7 years ago & to be totally honest I hate the smell now & cannot stand taklking closely to people that have smoked as they reek!

    My Dh has a cigarette every night after dinner that's it!

    I am also asthmatic DD isn't...

    My cousin at age 17 was told by her OB to stop smoking as her baby was of a dangerously low birthweight, she gave birth to 13lb 6ounce baby girl!

    But I think cutting down, is good but quitting much better!!!!

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    Mar 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Good luck, it is very hard and I wish you success. I have been an on off smoker for about 10 years. I gave up when preg with DD and stayed off for a year after (breastfeeding). I gave up this time about 5 weeks before TTC. I am lucky because I only ever had 5 max per day.
    I had two friends that continued right through pregnancy and all their 3 babies were fine. I am not condoning, but if you couldn't give up at least you know there are others out there. Of course, giving up is the ideal. Once you do give up, you tend to wonder how and why you ever smoked. I do not plan on ever smoking again. GOOD LUCK xoxoxo

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    clare076 Guest

    I am also trying to quit smoking. I gave up for over a year using the lozenges, but started a highly stressful job and you know the story. Since finding out about preg, I have cut down to less then 20 a week (dont smoke on weekends or after 4pm, not at work you see) but really want to quit altogether. Has any one taken the lozenges whilst pregnant? I have been told it's better to have them then smoke and last time I was only having 1-2 a day. Is this OK