thread: REALLY itchy nipples

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    Jul 2007
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    Red face REALLY itchy nipples

    Over the last several weeks my nipples have been getting really itchy and dry. So much so that I have resorted to applying alovera cream whenever I have a shower.

    However, last night when I put the cream on, it really stung (like if you put cream on an open wound). My nipples don't look cracked or any different then what they normally do, but they are driving me up the wall!

    Has anyone had something similar, or know how I can stop them from being so itchy and irritated?

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    I have had the same thing but mine was caused by breastfeeding. I had a staph infection which caused my boobs and nipples to be VERY itchy, my nipples were also very dry which I now have a cortisone cream for. Could be thrush maybe?!

    I'd go and see you Dr and get it sorted because it's not very nice hey?!

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    Nov 2007

    Yep mine r really ,really itchy & i actually have little dermatitus patches on them.I have been using either olive oil , shea or cocoa butter on them.

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    I used to scratch them through my top with a hairbrush. AAahh relief

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