thread: Safety of getting carpets cleaned

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    Aussie_Chik Guest

    Safety of getting carpets cleaned

    Hi All

    I was wondering if anybody out there knows if it's safe to have your carpets professionally cleaned while pregnant as I know they use certain chemicals. I am heading into that nesting phase and want the house spotless before bubs arrives.

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    Melinda Guest

    Gee, I really don't know about that one! I totally understand where you're coming from re: wanting the house spotless (speaking as someone who mopped the entire house whilst in labour LOL), so hopefully someone can answer your question!

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    colleeg Guest

    i had my carpets cleaned at xmas time and i was 4 months pregnant. I also have 2 cats that are inside too (partly the reason i had it cleaned) and the spray the stained areas and the rest is lifed with boiling water and steam.

    however i do think but depends on what company you are going with- some also dry the carpet so you can walk where others dont- give them a call and just enquire. but im happy to say its safe i went with Magnadry if that helps! not sure if thats only a canberra company or if they have state francises(sp)

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    i was thinking of having mine done too before Jackson arrives. don't take my word for it but i think the chemicals are pretty harmless, they have to be pretty mild so they don't damage the carpet, i know the ones you hire from the supermarket are just sorta like a laundry detergent.

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    Jun 2003

    I heard something about its fine but not to get it "dry cleaned" something to do with the chemicals that stay in the carpet. I don't know how true that is though, I was told the same thing with when you have a baby or a crawling toddler. From memory my gf tried getting it done and the company actually advised against it. But I can't remember if its the same for pregnancy.



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    Aussie_Chik Guest

    Hi All

    Just to let you know I rang about 3 different companies and all said it was fine to have done while pregnant. Most stated that we should open the windows to help with air circulation though.

    So I'm going ahead with it - hope they weren't lying just for the business!

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    Sep 2013
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    I used Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner. They were a little expensive, but they did a great job and I think it was worth it!

    tile cleaning tools
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    My DH does carpet cleaning- he only sprays stains with chemical.
    Otherwise, the way our machine works- is it sprays water onto the carpet and the sucks it back up again. Minimal chemicals involved.
    If you can find someone with a machine like that- I think you are pretty safe.

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    I've had mine done both times now. First time I didn't air house out due to wet weather, and I got a headache (I think it was coz I had my recliner cleaned for the first time and he used lots of chemicals to get the stains out). But this time opened windows and doors and much better.