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Thread: Shower/Bath Water Temperature

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    Do you have to decrease the temperature of your water while in bath and shower. i mean i have any ways but its so cold now that i wish i could just turn it up so its warm enough to keep me warm while doing my thing in the shower. But i wouldnt wanna to burn bubs or any thing!
    Any body Know

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    The concern with bath/shower water temperature is that it'll raise your body temp and affect bub that way. As long as the water's not hot enough to make your skin red or burn you and you're not in there for hours then it'll be fine I never bothered decreasing the temp when I was PG. Towards the end of the PG I even had the shower going quite hot against my back for short periods to help relieve the back pain.

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    I know I was told not to get into a really hot bath or spa but I think a warm-hot shower is fine. I have always had nice warm showers during my pg's, as warm as I like. It's very relaxing especially when you have a huge belly and aching body. I think if you are comfortable then bubs would be too, they are insulated quite well in there.

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    Well Emma, I suppose you wouldn't notice you were sweating in the bath being wet and all.

    I've been having showers as warm as usual, and with baths, if I feel light headed I'll get out and just have my legs in til it cools down a bit. And I always have a glass of water with me in the bath too, so I don't dehydrate.

    I've actually been sitting on the shower floor sometimes for as long as it would take the bath to fill, instead of a bath. Maybe not so water wise, but a bath is too hot at the start and too cold at the end, a shower lets me relax at a constant temperature!!

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    Thanks girls, its been a great help. I now feel more comfortable havign a warmer shower and well i am not so fussed about hot baths, i put the heater on so the room stays warm for me.
    Now tonight i will go home and sit on the floor of my shower and relax in there he he Thanks Again

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