thread: someone stole my name!!

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    Feb 2005
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    someone stole my name!!

    hi everyone, just need to vent a little. Last year I was working with another girl and she was TTC and we were going to TTC in the next year. so at work we would often talk all things baby. anyway, in amongst all the different topics, i told her my all time favourite girls name. By the time i left she was 12 weeks pg. then i fell and was about 15 weeks behind her. anyway, i found out today that she had a girl 8 days ago - and called her by MY girls name!!! i dont know if i am being mean in feeling annoyed, but now if i call my baby that, people will think that I copied Her!!!

    Just doesnt seem fair.

    Lets just hope im having a boy!!


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    Mar 2005
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    That is the most annoying thing. I can't believe people do that. I am trying hard to keep my names quiet as there is a girl I know who is 6 weeks ahead of me and Im sure she'd do the same. I feel for you, and I would keep the name and use it anyway. You can always tell them you discussed names last year and you are the one who mentioned it. But dont be put off, you may not see her much in the future, so it wouldn't matter if your kids had the same name. xo

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    awwww thats so annoying!! I had a close friend due 4 weeks before me with the same boy's name and I was so sad. I tried so hard to find a new name, but in the end we decided that even though we were friends & hung around in similar circles it wouldn't be like they went to school together or anything so it should be okay and we discussed it with them before either bub was born. So I would go with your name.

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    That would pi$$ me off!!

    I only have one friend who is having a baby and we've discussed this topic. I told her my pick for a boy and girls name and she's told me hers. We've agreed not to steal eachother's names. (hopefully she keeps her promise as she's 10 weeks pregnant already)

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    Feb 2005
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    thanks all,

    i think you are right. i dont think it is likely that they will be in close circles at all so it really shouldnt matter. its just my pride i guess,


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    I can't believe your co-worker did that to you and I think that's so inconsiderate of her especially that she knew it was your first pick, but I agree with everyone else you can still use that name if you like it so much.

    I have actually decided on another boys name which I love and won't be telling anyone as I don't want anyone to steal it if I have a boy, plus I have a friend (who is really wonderful) that is having a boy 6 weeks before me. I'd hope she wouldn't steal it but I don't know, so I've just decided to keep it a secret.

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    Melody Guest

    Linda that is an absolute shocker! People are funny though.... ever since I can remember I have been 100% certain that I would name my first boy Nathaniel & I made no secret of it. I have ALWAYS loved that name...

    As it happens I ran into an old friend of mines' mother (I ceased contact with her about two years ago but we had been very close since we were 12) just recently & she has just had a baby.

    One guess what she named him! If you knew what this girl was like you would understand that this is not a coincidence.

    No biggie for me because amazingly I have actually chosen a name I like even better & she isn't in my life anymore anyway but I did walk away with a big smile. Some people just have different boundries & ideals about what is right & wrong for them.

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    Oct 2004
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    Oh Linda, it's just not fair isn't it.

    You think that you can share all your wonderful loving thougths about your expected baby with people special to you, and then this goes and happens. Must be very frustrating.

    We decided that we just don't share names (and I know this is no good to you in hindsight). At least this way if someone else chooses the same name as us it's by coincidence and not because the name has been stolen.

    big hugs.

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    Feb 2005
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    I'd just go ahead and use it anyway...

    I have the problem that my brother and DHs sister have between them used up 2 favourite girls names and 2 fave boys names (they didn't know... it's pure coincidence but still bloody annoying!!)