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    Talking Sooooooo Happy!

    Well, just got back from my ultra sound and it was the most amazing experience i've ever had.. soo indescribable. Was a little bit disapointed to hear that i'm not 19 weeks i'm only 16 weeks and 3 days.. but still it was such a great feeling seeing this little baby on the screen with it's tiny little hands. And I was sooo anxious about going but turns out the baby is healthy and happy and was moving around alot much to the radiologists surprise. He thinks maybe it might be a girl but I have to go back in 3 weeks for the 19 week scan which should hopefully give me a better answer. Im just soooooooooooo excited... up until now it just didnt feel real....

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    congratulations on your exciting day thats wonderful news!!!! i cant wait to experience that one day...
    good luck for the 19 week scan then! not long til then anyway...

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    Congratulations!!!! How exciting bonus of finding out that your dates are wrong is that u get another ultarsound!!! WOO HOO!!!

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